Tawheed Is UnityThe introduction to what, how and why Tawheed Is Unity came into being is as follows: Lets go back to the beginning of 2006... There are a few 'Islamic' clothing labels already available on the market. Some that are really great, some not so great but they all try to represent Islam in the best possible way. For this they should all be commended.

So how could Tawheed Is Unity enter the market and create something new and original? Something that people would want to spend their hard earned money on?

Tawheed Is Unity looked at what people truly love about Islam and found objects or symbols that represent those things: the Shahadah, the Mosque, Dhikr beads... all crucial to the Islamic lifestyle. From these things they would draw theiry inspiration.

Tawheed Is UnitySomething seriously missing in most Western nations today is a viable cultural alternative for Muslim youth. What is needed is a mainstream Islamic culture that has the Sharia at heart that represents the best of the deen / religion. Something that looks to the East but is not foreign to the West. With Tawheed Is Unity the aim is to create a range of clothing that is attractive to both Muslims and non Muslims yet is fundamentally Islamic at heart.

So, Tawheed Is Unity launched in June 2006. Working with limited resources they decided on utilising Myspace to promote the label. Millions of users and totally free, they had a good experience and can't recommend it enough. On the strength of Myspace alone, Tawheed Is Unity managed to establish the brand and sold out their first run relatively quickly.

Very soon Tawheed Is Unity will be releasing the first 'Tawheed Is Unity Presents...' compilation CD featuring the best Muslim hip hop artists. Strictly positive vibes, and perfect for the bedroom or the car. More news closer to the release date.

Clothing For The Tawheed Generation.

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