Lil’Rascals consists of three members, Merkar, Shizznit, and Tempar. Merkar the youngest of the trio at 12 years-old is of Swedish / Gambian descent and has a vision to be a successful businessman. 13 year-old Shizznit also known as ‘Little White Boy’, speaks with maturity and intelligence well beyond his years and has a vision to talk about real life through his lyrics.

Tempar also 13 years-old who is of English and Caribbean origin adds hip-hop flava to the group and has a vision to be successful in music and drama.

The Rascals come from Bow, East London, London’s capital for some of the hottest talent the UK has to offer, and the local influences are evident in their music. Before becoming a trio, they performed as part of a 13 strong hip-hop group supporting acts such as Jamelia and Sugababes, but decided to form their own group after being head hunted by a management team.

The Rascals chose this name because of their cheeky personality and mischievous nature, “yeah we can be quite rude sometimes”, says Shizznit, “but we only get into a little bit
of trouble”

The Lil Rascals have the musical ability on par with people twice their age and the cheeky faces to make young girls swoon!!

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