Wajeed - War LP [Fat City]Following the critical acclaim of ‘Triple P’ (the debut album from Waajeed’s Platinum Pied Pipers group) this album was initially suggested by Fat City to Bling 47 as a collection of productions from the label and its roster of artists with Waajeed leading the line.

After thinking about the project Waajeed decided to record a new album for Fat City featuring collaborations with all artists on the Bling roster as well as a smattering of older classics such as ‘Tron’ by Waajeed and ‘LL’ by the late, great J Dilla. For Waajeed this new project marks the beginning of a new era for himself and Bling 47 as he experiments with a raw, gritty new sound.

Wajeed - War LP [Fat City]After the success of ‘Triple P’ with Ubiquity Records in 2005, 2006 proved to be a more somber and reflective year for Waajeed & Bling 47 due in part to the loss of several close friends, family and associates. This coupled with a growing dissatisfaction with the state of the music industry brought about the production of ‘The War LP’, with its more introverted sound.

Conceptually this album deals with subjects such as the aforementioned loss of loved ones as well as the poor health of the Hip Hop music industry and his own countries foreign policies, this album is Bling 47’s way of declaring war on it all! Musically & thematically ‘The War LP’ is the ying to ‘Triple P's’ yang - showcasing a darker, more serious feel than we have come to expect from Waajeed and co.

Even though the album includes the same supporting cast as Triple P its style is distinctly different. ‘The War LP’ is firmly rooted in hip hop ethics and in many places the sound owes more to the genres of cinematic soundtrack and psyche than to soul and R&B.

The album’s real power is in its variety, as the vibe moves from the Terminator X style production of ‘Bombs Away’ with Ta’Raach to the psychedelic soul of ‘O Bloody Days…’ with Tiombe Lockhart to the 80’s electro on Jon Carpenter-esque ‘The Dragon’.

‘The War LP’ is released on double CD (unmixed & mixed disc hosted by Waajeed) & double LP preceded by 6 track vinyl sampler.

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