, so last week our hosting provider had an unfortunate incident, let us down and allowed the site to get hacked. Never the less we were back on the net in under 12 hours. We apologise to anyone this inconvenienced.

This hacking has left us with some back-end problems which we are working through, but if you come across any part of the site which is not working, or how you would expect it, we would appreciate it if you could let us know which pages are not responding.

Additionally, if you know Joomla CMS and want to lend your expertise to the upgrading of the site infrastructure, again, please get in touch.

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Selected Articles:

First Look: What's Real? A Hip Hop Documentary [Tr...
First Look: What's Real? A Hip Hop Documentary [Trailer]

The hip-hop community was given something to get excited about recently, with a debut trailer for an [ ... ]

A-Tola - Biography
A-Tola - Biography

A–Tola also known as Asherman, Ash or Tola, is a hip-hop rapper of Jamaican descent, born and  [ ... ]

Doc Brown
Doc Brown

The Doc’s back with another one, and he’s come a long way. Not content with Poisonous Po [ ... ]

KC Da Rookee - Biography
KC Da Rookee - Biography

You may not know KC Da Rookee but we do. He was top of the European Hip Hop charts in the early 2000 [ ... ]

Brotherman - Heart of Dem b/w Bollox CD [Silent So...
Brotherman - Heart of Dem b/w Bollox CD [Silent Soundz]

Brotherman’s lyrical substance, paired with the warmth and clarity of his voice make him an ac [ ... ]



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