, so last week our hosting provider had an unfortunate incident, let us down and allowed the site to get hacked. Never the less we were back on the net in under 12 hours. We apologise to anyone this inconvenienced.

This hacking has left us with some back-end problems which we are working through, but if you come across any part of the site which is not working, or how you would expect it, we would appreciate it if you could let us know which pages are not responding.

Additionally, if you know Joomla CMS and want to lend your expertise to the upgrading of the site infrastructure, again, please get in touch.

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Selected Articles:

Joe Blow - Dead Man Smoking LP [Squid Ninja Record...
Joe Blow - Dead Man Smoking LP [Squid Ninja Records]

The term 'old school' gets bandied about a lot in hip-hop circles, but Joe Blow's approach to the ga [ ... ]

Speech Debelle Tour
Speech Debelle Tour

In keeping with her growing reputation, this September sees Speech Debelle embark on her first natio [ ... ]

Genesis Elijah
Genesis Elijah

Genesis Elijah, a.k.a. Nathaniel Winston Joseph Bygrave hails from Brixton and in 2005 burst onto th [ ... ]

50 Cent and Akon to headline first Cyprus Music Fe...
50 Cent and Akon to headline first Cyprus Music Festival

Talent Quest offers you the chance to join the line-up! is always one step ahe [ ... ]

Various Artists - Flying The Flag LP [RGS Entertai...
Various Artists - Flying The Flag LP [RGS Entertainment]

When Tricksta and Lunatrix are Flying the Flag you’re guaranteed that your tastes will be cate [ ... ]



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