Cafe RecordingsComing deep out of South London P.A.C releases his 5 track E.P entitled ‘Matter Of Opinion’ for the listeners of true Hip Hop music, as for those who listen will surely feel…  This is just a sample of what’s to come from this artist based within the Café Recordings label, with an edge of grit and clarity, this will appeal to a wide range of people and shows P.A.C’s flexible style and lyricism…
It’s been a long time coming … the anticipated 5 track E.P. from P.A.C (Powerful And Calm) hits the public straight out of one of the most eclectic labels within UK Hip Hop. P.A.C featured on the track ‘Driver’ earlier in the year on Mister Jaes 12”. This track proved P.A.C’s presence was to be stamped instantly within the UK scene with ‘Driver’ getting played consistently for a number of weeks on radio stations (BBC 1xtra, Choice FM, XFM) and reaching number 4 in Ras Kwame’s ‘Home-grown’ Top Ten (Hip Hop Connection – Sept 2005).

‘Matter Of Opinion’ is an E.P which conceptually speaks for itself, it literally kicks off with ‘Complex Theory’ a head banging track about the complexities within the music industry, with a catchy hook featuring Valu from Thee Absent, this has been blowing the systems off recent appearances by P.A.C and the Cafe entourage. ‘Blaah!’ is the next track based on support from the people within the ‘clicky clicky’ scene with P.A.C riding a dirty bass line (turn the volume up slowly, you have been warned…)  this will get the neck snapping no matter how many times you play it. 

01. Complex Theory ft. Valu
02. Blaah!
03. Complex Theory Inst.

04. Opportunity Knocks
05. Bump ft. Geniedon & Antidote
06. Power

Release date: October 2005
Format: Vinyl
Dealer Price: £2.50
On the flip side things get even deeper with ‘Opportunity Knocks’ a track where you have to listen and relate, P.A.C drops it positive on a scorching beat with a different kind of flow.  Bump is just one of those tunes your going to lick wood and rewind on the spot, with venomous flows from Geniedon and Antidote also from Thee Absent, with a hook that’s straight up thumping this track is definitely a bomber with P.A.C shutting up shop with his lyrical swagger. To conclude P.A.C drops his trademark conscious linguistics in the form of ‘Power’… A track with a jaw clenching gritty beat dedicated to UK’s involvement in the recent war for land and oil.

P.A.C is without a doubt a breath of fresh air in the monotonous UK Hip Hop scene and is a name you need to keep close to your collection as this is only a tipple of what’s to come from this talented artist.  P.A.C is destined to diversify things in the UK which is something that is definitely well over due.

P.A.C - Powerful And Calm

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