Mariah Carey In ParisAlthough I'm not going to introduce Mariah Carey with any facts and figures because it's not necessary, I am going to introduce the One Mighty Party. It is the biggest gay and lesbian celebration in the US and on June 29th 2007 and made its debut in Europe at the Disneyland resort in Paris. The annual event was started 14 years ago by promoter Johnny Chisholm.

Mariah stayed at the luxurious Hotel de Crillon on the Place de la Concorde in the heart of Paris. There were fans waiting outside the hotel from 7pm onwards even though she didn't leave for the show until around 11.30pm. The fans were glad to catch a glimpse of their adorable Mariah, and so were the ever charming paparazzi. She hopped in her black Mercedes with her manager and friend to reach Disneyland in time for her set where she performed six remixes of her biggest hits whilst adlibbing live.

Mariah Carey and RashmiThe set at Disneyland, based around Sleeping Beauty's castle, was an amazing sight with many illuminations and a huge 'MC' spotlight and thousands of silver cellophane butterflies fluttering through the sky during her set. Although the rain began to pour it did not stop Mimi from performing her best albeit getting a bit soaked at the same time. She is a woman that firmly believes 'the show must go on' and we love her for it.

After the show I was lucky enough to go backstage and meet with Mariah and some of her peeps. MC looked great as always and we had a nice conversation. Contrary to totally disproportionate rumours, as I say time and time again, she was a lovely woman with a great sense of humour. 'Diva' is a word that can be interpreted in many different ways. To me, Mariah Carey is a diva, but not in the way that is described so often. My definition of a diva: Someone in control of her life and career, that takes care of herself and appearance, and lives life to the max. Every woman is a diva, dahhhling!

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