MC IdeaTwo years ago Idea started spitting truth and thought provoking hip hop, The town of Slough (West london) where he was brought up currently has a small local rap scene. Idea started spitting and joined lots of online forums to elevate his skills.
He picked up the aspects of lyricism very quickly and had lots of text battle online. He has also influenced others and made another local rapper "Lethal Suspect".

While elevating, Idea realised it was time to convert his enormous amount of written lyrics into audio. Even in this department he elevated very quickly and learned lots about flow and delivery - He has come a long way since he started.

Certainly, any new school performer emerging from this competetive UK rap scene must have something unique and must be dedicated to his work.

MC IdeaIdea has been dedicated and had belief in himself since the beginning Writing over 160 bars a day, He certainly has a wide imagination which covers almost every aspect of life and lots of interesting subjects.

Yet to release an album - Idea has been appearing on many mixtapes online. He is set to release "Tha Thought" next year. With this he is hoping to reach out to the public and media and widen the vast majority of UK hip hop and increase the amount of material created by this talented country. Although only 15 and currently in school - Idea has been spitting thought hitting lyrics hence the name (Tha Thought).Idea strongly believes that he will be wide known and his thought provoking lyrics will be heard nationwide and possibly worldwide.

Idea has been getting airplay on pirate radio stations and is looking to spread it to mainstream radio stations.

"Tha thought" has awakened, Let him recite the truth so you can all learn.

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