With a funky and fresh melody-Kwadjo the funk master general along side Juxci is sure to ‘Make U Feel Alright’. This is not the most conventional collaboration but it is sure to get your toes tapping. With such a distinctive sound it’s clear to hear who Kwadjo’s influences are in his music; acts such as James Brown and more so Funkadelic seem to ooze out of the music.

Multi-instrumentalist Kwadjo plays the bass guitar, keyboard, drums, trumpet and still manages to sing and song write. His band ‘BEYOND THE STARS’ have toured the UK and Europe gathering a large following for many years.

Kwadjo himself describes his music as ‘PURE FUNK’; this is the kind of music which we do not get the chance to hear in today’s commercial music industry, especially from a young artist.

His career has graced him with great pleasures, collaborating and backing some of the industries most prominent acts such as Kym Mazzelle, Finlay Quaye, Omar, Damage, Dreem Team Radio1, Estelle, Imagination, Juxci D, (2play) MANGROVE STEEL BAND, Don-e, Tony Allen (Fela Kutis Drummer) and Ty (Mercury Award Nominee). Things seem to be on the up all of the time. His most recent efforts are playing bass and BASS keys for ROISIN MURPHY lead singer of Moloko.

Drawing inspiration from 60’s & 70’s icons of the funk era Kwadjo and Juxci managed to pull off a song that has substance—thematically, musically, and lyrically which in this day and age is a rarity.

The single released on 2 July 2007 is definitely one to check out.

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