Hoodgrown Records Prepares To Release It's Second ProjectFresh off of it's first project, the free download album, Cartel - Prepare For Glory, digital hip hop label Hoodgrown Records prepares to release it's second project by Mount Pocono, PA based, Full Fam. Full Fam is a collective of MC's who whilst recording as a group, the all also have solo projects on deck as well.

The first single, "Rock Stars" is already in the process of being serviced to deejays and the press while the video is making it's way across YouTube and other social networks.

"Our first single, Rock Stars, came about because we liked the vibe of (Shop Boys) Party Like A Rock Star", states Full Fam member M.A., "But we weren't impressed with their lyrical ability so we decided to do our own with skills intact. But we don't want to be compared to them because this is the only song like that, our album is straight hip hop!".

You can listen to "Rock Stars" and view the video here:

HoodGrown Records is a new type of record label founded by the creators of HoodGrown Magazine and Musica360.com to Digital music is the future, and with more people discovering new music by utilizing the Internet, HoodGrown Records is poised to take advantage of the latest online and mobile communications technologies and leverage the power of the Internet to market and promote quality music all consumers.

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