Lumes Flowne - BiographyLumes Flowne an inspiring 27 year old lyricist / producer from the heart of North West London is the promise of UK-Hip Hop. Lumes is aggressively carving his legacy in the UK hip hop game. From his humble beginnings dabbling with various instruments from the trumpet to the violin, he is creating a buzz on the streets for hot beats and clever lyrics.

Never losing touch with his early singing days, Lumes has found a nice balance in making “real” hip-hop, but with a musical edge. Lumes story in the industry dates back to years of mastering music at a production and technology program before becoming a member of the dynamic rap group FAUNA.

He had gained a lot of experience in both studio and live recording, and was emerging as a rapper to be reckoned with but this acquired skill and experience came prematurely as he abandoned music in order to gain a university degree. After taking a break from music while at university, he still had the hunger and got back on the scene as part of FAUNA. Rapping with the group allowed Lumes to quickly fine tune his skills among other great rappers; and provide a platform to his return as a solo performer.

The experience of working with FAUNA has been a positive influence in his recent collaborations with notable producers and rappers like Sway and Mickey T. He has since gone on to perform under the same bill as artists like Dead Prez, Genuwine and Donnell Jones in venues in the UK and Europe.

For Lumes sharing the spot light as the answer in U.K hip hop is not an option. He has laid down the foundation for the challenging task of taking UK hip hop to the next level. Look forward to his freshman album title ‘The Portfolio’ in the summer of 2007.

Lumes Flowne - T.I.D.Y

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