Lil FizzHip-Hop and R&B superstar Lil Fizz of the multi-platinum group B2K is poised to step into the forefront as a solo artist with the release of his debut LP "Pay Day". With a digital release available through July 17th, this is the first album of an exclusive recording agreement with industry veteran, Cudda Love of Fo' Reel Entertainment.

"Pay Day" showcases a transformed Lil Fizz who is officially all grown up. His crisp, aggressive lyrical delivery confirms that his boy band days are in the distant past, possessing a star quality all his very own.

What kind of tracks have you got on your album?

Lil Fizz:
I like to describe my tracks as being a combination of as Hip Hop and R&B.  It’s definitely for the ladies this time.

Any special collaborations?

Lil Fizz:
For the iTunes release, I worked with Ray J for my first single “Beds”. On the track “Go Hard”, I was able to work with my sister Lady G. I wanted to have less features so my fans would have the opportunity to get to know me on a more personal level.

Are you nervous about how people will take this album?

Lil Fizz:
Not at all, I have the chance to show the world who I am and I just hope they take me for who I am this time around.

What was it like going solo after having so much success with B2K?

Lil Fizz:
The transformation was easy for me because I had two years off to find myself and prepare; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What are the main advantages being solo instead of a group?

Lil FizzLil Fizz:
Being solo, you’re on your own timing now. I have all the creative input, so I don’t need to combine with three other people. The music just flows.

You're not on a major label anymore either.

Lil Fizz:
No, I’m doing this all independent now. It’s actually a blessing to me. Not all artists can go out on their own after a major and still be able to be successful. Now, I can make the money.

Are you still in touch with the other guys?

Lil Fizz:
Yeah, we all talk every now and then. But, J Boog is my best friend. I am the godfather to his baby.

Did you ever think that one day you would be rushed by hundreds of girls?

Lil Fizz:
Funny thing is, I am kind of used to it. Growing up, I was the only guy in my family surrounded by a bunch of girls. I am used to getting my cheeks pinched.

What is that like?

Lil Fizz:
Overwhelming! Nobody expects people to know their faces. That is always shocking.

I heard you signed autographs for two hours at a MySpace event!

Lil Fizz:
For sure! I always show love to Myspace ladies!

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Lil Fizz:
I would love to do something with Missy Elliott. She just has so much creativity and energy.

Would you like to do some more acting after this album?

Lil Fizz:
I love acting! It’s like second nature to me. Actually, I’m on my way to an audition right now. So, I hope I will be doing that more in the future.

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Lil Fizz

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