Red - Seen 7" [Dealmaker]The debut release from skratch mystro Red finally makes its way to the shelves next month as a limited edition 7" paving way for the forthcoming album 'Fingerprints'...

The record moulds hip hop, turntablism, and electro into a dirty, downtempo head nodder that is produced entirely from scratching - from the drums, to the riffs, to the solos, everything is scratched!

With this release, as well as his forthcoming album Fingerprints, Red has achieved a sound and style from scratching that has pushed the perception and potential of the turntable as an instrument - winning acclaim from some of the scratch scene's leading turntablists, Ricci Rucker, Mike Boo, D-Styles, and DJ Woody.

The 3 track download will be available from itunes, Napster, Bleep, Tunetribe etc, DJ quality Mp3's (encoded at 320kbps) will be available in the Dealmaker shop.

The 7" Vinyl will also be available at and from all good record shops from August 13th.

Click the link below to check the video that unveils Red's innovative method of tune creation:


youtube bhh channel

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