Dark MC - BiographyYoung, bright and on fire, The Dark MC is almost an antithesis of his name but it’s exactly his dark lyrical edge that gives meaning to his character. From an early age, The Dark MC never suppressed his passion for music instead he battled numerous MCs on the streets gaining a reputation as an unyielding force in the Rap / Hip-Hop game.

Releasing his debut album ‘It’s Getting Dark In Here’, The Dark MC travelled a long journey to define his sound and bring it to the masses. His expedition has been far and wide, from collaborating and featuring on albums from Bhangra artists such as RDB and Jas Virdee, to producing menacing beats on a Hip-Hop tip for various artists alongside his cousin Angel.

Dark MCBut now, The Dark MC is ready to lay a game down of his own. Fusing his renowned lyrical ability with the sound of Hip-Hop, he brings forth ‘It’s Getting Dark In Here’. Fresh beats, merciless bass lines and a synth flavour that plays with the mind, The Dark MC spits lyrics that smack the senses and drive the message home.

The Dark MC believes in speaking his mind and telling it like he sees it, “I’m a storyteller, I lay down my experiences and my observations of life, love and the like. My rhymes are dark and distinct; I suppose you could say that I view life through ebony-coloured spectacles”.

His unique style of music along with his notorious lyrics push the boundaries of the Asian music further, reaching a wider and diverse audience. Along with The Sound Pipe Records, The Dark MC has been touring worldwide spreading his distinguished skill and flare to Delhi, Dubai, Mumbai and Canada. He hopes to mark a deeper mark on the masses and vows to stick around for a long time. It most definitely will get dark in the Asian music scene once The Dark MC is let loose. But the spotlight will certainly shine on Mr. Dark himself!

Dark MC

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