TajinereComing from the north of England, producer-cum rapper Tajinere has moulded a sound that is edgy, captivating and refreshing in a genre dominated in the main by uninteresting rhythms and unoriginal vocals.

“I’ve been writing songs and tunes and the like since I was 12 and actually, I started out in an indie band. I think that taught me a lot - not only about getting a crowd going but about how to put a song together and I think that’s something I’m taking into hip-hop”

TajinereIn 2003, he switched his focus to producing hip-hop beats and it wasn't long before he picked up the mic and started his new role as an MC. Through his incisive lyrics and tight, crafted rhymes he has shown again and again that he has the talent to move UK hip-hop in a new direction. Tajinere left the UK in 2004 and travelled round the world. Now he is back and his experiences of the world have made him even more focused on creating great music.

“I’m trying to start something here. I got sick of listening to MCs rapping about the same-old shit over crap beats. They say that if you want a job doing well, you got to do it yourself and that’s exactly what I’m doing”

Doing it himself indeed, Tajinere has put together his own studio, founded his own label, Heart of the Nation Records and has entertained countless people at live shows and open mic nights.


His lyrics take a side-long look at modern life with songs about subjects such as binge-drinking, music, love and racism. Tajinere combines his rhymes with catchy tunes, live instruments and interesting-but-danceable rhythms and this has made him one of the UK's most promising rising stars.

“What I’m saying is that it’s all about the music. Nothing else is important. The way I see it is I’ve got to do is put my music out there, give people a chance to hear it and then they can come to their own judgements about me.”

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