Louise Golbey - Novel LP [Indie]This is not necessarily something we would cover or push usually, but we have an eclectic taste and this has a lovely mellow and soulful sound you need to give a chance. Its going to be great for cruising with the top down (when the weather gets better), or for relaxing after a hard day thuggin'. Soulful classic sounds reminiscent of Mowtown mixed with neo-soul produce a timeless sound for Louise Golbey to show us what she is worth.

2 Complex - Standard Procedure LP [Northern Structure]The eclectic as ever Northern Structure Records have returned with their latest offering to the world of hip hop in the form of Standard Procedure, courtesy of emcee duo 2 Complex (Evileyz, Spider Jaroo) and producer Bambu Hands. The twelve track album takes the listener back to those early, hazy days of what was to become a formidable force in the northern hip hop scene.

Depths Beneaf prod. Bambu Hands - Enter LP [Indie]Bambu Hands normally puts out products through the label Northern Structure, but this brand new release from unknown UK crew Depths Beneaf is unassociated with any label. This release is entirely produced Bambu Hands. The rappers involved are a pair of brothers the oldest (Jacob) who taught (Helm) the youngest how to rap and write with a heavy focus on style and content. The album itself is a journey through hardcore rap set in a futuristic landscape with kung foo fighting and blazes of magic.

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