VA - Tricksta - The Digital Revolution Vol. 3 (free download)Tricksta's back with his third volume of 'The Digital Revolution'. This time it's hosted by the beast from the east, TB aka Tuberculosis and it features a whole host of Hip Hop from the UK streets. Manny Moscow, Skandal, LATEJay Full Stop V, Stylah, Yogi, Suparnovar, Wordsmith, Mr Drastick, Lowkey, London Zoo, S.A.S, Streetz, Kyza Smirnoff, The Last SkeptikShow N Prove and Mr. Ti2bs all feature.

Jee4ce + Riddlah - Never (Father Jack Remix) (free download)Keep your peelers peeled for a project compiled by Jee4ce and brought to you in association with Certified Banger entitled 'Certified Celtic Connection'. Jee4ce has mustered his Celtic troops from Ireland, Scotland and Wales and put together yet another compilation of tracks repping the unsung areas of the UK.

Pussycat Dolls - Bottle Pop Remix By Panjabi [Audio]Panjabi MC was the first Asian artist to take Bhangra to the next level, thus gaining him an award at the World Music Festival in Monte Carlo. The success of Mundian To Bach Ke was taken to another level when Jay Z featured on the record and rapped two verses. This led to a white label craze and artists such as BabySham, Twista and Beanie Man all wanted to be a part of the Bhangra sound.

Nee-Hi - The Delorean [Audio]Really, really feeling this! Nee-Hi is from Ipswich and he's on a real good time rap tip. I won't hold the fact that he wears skinny jeans against him - he's a big kicks head too and his music is as fresh as his style sounds. Well, I say fresh, it's like a salute to all his old school influences - probably what makes this so nice!

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