Melanin 9 - Magna Carta LP [Red Snow]Melanin 9's Magna Carta (due to be released on the 3rd of December by Red Snow) has been two years in the making and is the London rapper's first album. The sound is a refreshing return to classic hip hop whilst staying firmly rooted in modern Britain. Magna Carta , at its core, is focused on old school hip hop values. In many ways it's an album that could fall under the umbrella of conscious hip hop, but M9 is set apart from other conscious rappers in the UK by having a greater focus on the stories you can touch with your fingertips.

Benny Diction - Hard Graft, Arts And Crafts And Hearty Laughs LP [Indie]What do you get when you mix a Nottingham-born-rapper with wit and lyricism? Nothing actually. But if there was some kind of grandiose prize for a Nottingham-born-rapper with wit and lyricism, I'm sure Benny Diction would make decent candidate. If you are unaware of whom Benny Diction is, where have you been for the last two years? He currently promotes and co-hosts the monthly hip-hop night "Fat Gold Chain" alongside Solocypher in London. Which is arguably one of the best live hip-hop nights in the London Scene.

George Fields - From the Sticks LP [UTS Records]George Fields, to many an unknown entity, is a young producer from Dorset UK who is setting an extremely high standard with his work. This 10 track instrumental project is a labour of love that any discerning listener will be keeping close to hand (ear) for years to come. Clearly a producer with a love for vinyl, the sample choices, drum programming and quality of mixing and mastering is undeniable and comparable to any contemporary 'big studio' release.

Speech Debelle - Live For The Message 12" [Big Dada]Speech Debelle returns to the fray with the third single from her critically-acclaimed second album, "Freedom Of Speech". One of the standout tracks from the album, "Live For The Message" was produced by Kwes and features a softly-spoken but defiant vocal from Speech in which she outlines why it's more important to be heard saying the right thing than to be heard - a message not just for the contemporary rap community but for a world obsessed with form over content.

Propo'88 And BlabberMouf - From The Top Of The Stack LP [Da Shogunz]These guys have made the album of the year. Completely infectious lyrically and produced, mixed and engineered to perfection by the soon to be legendary DJ Propo'88. The story of Dutch Hip Hop began in the 80s with emcees rapping in English which was mostly wack. Later, emcees like Brainpower and Extince starting rapping in their native tongue, Dutch, and became household names from the popularity of this Hip Hop movement.

Bizarre - IDWMD MP3 [AVJ Records / Red Head]Bizarre, the weirdo of the D12 group, leader of the uncontested Weirdo Movement, has just released a brand new video. If you're of a very sensitive nature, I'd advise you not to watch the video, because you might be shocked by some graphic details. If you are a Bizarre fan you should be used to the dose of weirdness, dirtiness and hilarious elements Bizarre instils in his music.

Boy Better Know At The Red Bull Culture Clash 07/11/2012Home grown grime collective Boy Better Know smashed the decibel metre during last night's Red Bull Culture Clash at London's Wembley Arena to be crowned 2012 champion by hosts Tim Westwood and Gemma Cairney. The sound of London's streets was victorious, beating loud and heavy competition from Major Lazer, Annie Mac Presents Magnetic Man and Channel One.

DJ Suspect And Doc TMK ft. Carpetface And Audible1 - E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y. 7" [Luhna Records]Here is the new 7 inch from DJ Suspect of France's Funk League on Luhna Records. Following on from last year's phenomenal Funky As Usual album, this time Suspect teams up with fellow French MPC enthusiast Doc TMK and enlists UK emcees Carpetface and Audible1, who bring back the Funk yet again over a multilayered production with slamming drums, beat boxes, horns, funky bassline, flute, it's all there. The scratches are crazy - a step above the usual - and the chorus is the kind you end up singing along to without thinking about it.

Immortal Technique And Lowkey At The Brixton Electric - Thursday 25th October 2012Immortal Technique is an angry man. When he hits the stage, he already looks a bit upset. But this is something you expect from Immortal Technique, the rapper known for conscious lyrics and an uncompromising, often aggressive approach to hip hop. He hadn't played in England since 2010 and he seemed set to make up for the two year gap at the Brixton Electric. Tonight he was joined by Poison Pen, Mazzi, Swave Sevah, DJ Snuff, DJ Static and Lowkey.

Essa - Time For Something New EP [First Word Records]First Word are proud to present Time For Something New, the FW debut from Essa. He's no newbie though - under his former name, Yungun, he rose through the UK Hip Hop ranks to reach a worldwide audience winning praise from Nas, Mark Ronson and Cody ChesnuTT. Loyal fans have waited patiently for this, his first commercial release since 2006's Grown Man Business album with long-time collaborator DJ Mr Thing.

DELS - Black Salad EP [Big Dada]He's back! Over a year since his last release, Kieren Dickins aka DELS returns with a five track EP to cement his place as one of the most exciting, forward-looking MCs in the UK. Already picked up on and played by Zane Lowe, the EP shows DELS taking his music to a whole new level and preparing the way for what is to follow.

Featurecast ft. Farina Miss - Ego Tripping 12" [Jalapeno Records]Featurecast slows the pace a little with this low slung funk breaks bomb featuring the vocal talents of Germany's Farina Miss. Featurecast came across Farina after seeing her perform live with her jazz band on german TV while on tour. He tracked her down and she came correct with the incredible vocal for Ego Tripping.

Clement Marfo And The Frontline - Last Night MP3 [Warner Brothers]Named as one of MTV's Brand New for 2012 tips and one of T4's Rising Stars of 2012, Clement Marfo And The Frontline are united by their differences, their shared DIY ethic and their staggering array of musical interests. Spend some time in their company and you may well hear references to everyone from The Fugees and N.E.R.D. to Deftones and Blink 182. They're the sound of the city streets, the sound of aspirational youth rising above societal problems, the sound of a multi-cultural community uniting rather than dividing.

Chima Anya - The Doctor's Note LP [Phoenix Down]November 2012 sees the release of 'The Doctor's Note' - the new album from UK rapper Chima Anya. Since the release of 2010's 'New Day' Chima Anya has forged a solid reputation on the UK Hip Hop scene, collaborating with the critically acclaimed rapper and jazz saxophonist Soweto Kinch and supporting American superstars such as Big Daddy Kane, Jay Electronica and Biz Markie. Contrasting with his success as a rapper, Anya has also recently qualified as a GP, having spent the last three years working and studying at St Thomas' Hospital in Central London.


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