Melanin 9There's something immediately surreal about pressing the buzzer of a tower block and saying, "Hey, is this M9?" But life is surreal and certainly Melanin 9 felt it more keenly than me. He invited me in and offered me a drink while I took the opportunity to have a nose through his DVD collection. We briefly lamented those times you lend a movie to a friend and it seems to disappear into DVD purgatory. But soon enough we dropped the small talk and got down to discussing Hip Hop and his debut album, Magna Carta.

SparxyWhen it comes to Dubstep, Sparxy is definitely a house hold name, his production has been showcased on Radio 1, 1Xtra and Rinse FM just to name a few with support from some impressive names. Already a major player within the world of music there is only one way left for him to go and that's straight up!

Mynature - BiographyMynature (pronounced miniature) already knows what its like to be a star. "In my ends I'm already a star, everybody knows me. You cant walk through the area and not know who Mynature is!" - Born and raised in Woolwich South East London Mynature has acquired local fame as much through his rap skills as he has from his time spent hustling in the streets.

Lady Marga MC - BiographyLady Marga MC is the UK's newest cutting edge urban / pop artist. Born in East London Lady Marga MC, has always had a passion for music which has lead to her featuring in NME, The Times, RWD, The Guardian, Heat Magazine, The Metro Newspaper as well as support from US media such as Digiwaxx and TV Channel BET International. Lady Marga MC has also had support from BBC Radio 1 DJ's Zane Lowe and Annie Mac, as well as numerous other radio stations both here in the UK and overseas.

Trel MackReady to take the game by storm after a brief hiatus, music artist Trel Mack is back. Trel Mack, was an artist that built a solid following back in 07-08 with the release of fan favorite projects such as The Mack of The Year and The New Dynasty. Things have moved on since our first interview with Trel Mack, so read on to find out what he had to say to Danielle.

Smokey RoomzBy the age of thirteen Smokey Roomz was a renowned Garage MC and DJ in his local area of Sheffield, South Yorkshire with his sights on a wider audience. So he formed a group called The Young Offenders, recorded (with some friends) an album and a mix tape with a selection of Hip Hop and Grime Music. He has a new EP entitled Phoenix which is released on TMI Records and will be available for free download right here.

Homeboy SandmanHomeboy Sandman is a real breath of fresh air in the all too predictable world of Hip Hop. Super talented, innovative and quite clearly a top bloke, this Queens NYC resident is definitely an emcee you need to know about in 2012.

LyricLIf you took away the N5 postcode Highbury Park in Islington could rival any greenery in the tropics! Perhaps a slight overstatement, but it was that 'week' in April where everything was romanticised, even the weather. But, meeting LyricL a spoken word and rap artist was a genuine pleasure. She is an interviewer's dream who majestically navigates the boundaries of confidence, modesty and answering questions.

Top Boy Round HereTop Boy Round Here are putting themselves forward as a North East supergroup made up from artists who have all done something in their own right. Currently going on a promotional bender the staunchly dance and good times oriented pop group spoke to Danielle after their recent jaunt to the USA. Read on to find out what they had to say.

The last few years have proven to be some of the finest in the history of British hip-hop, with the ever increasing number of solid emcees emerging, and with them some premier independent record labels that continue to flourish with every passing day. The sheer volume of commendable releases from last year alone was a sure sign that things only continue to get bigger and better for UK hip-hop enthusiasts, and that someday soon hopefully the mainstream industry will catch up and wise up to what they've been missing out on.


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