DJ GrazzhoppaWhetting the appetite for this year's release of Intricate Moves Vol 2, created by Belgium's very own scratch king DJ Grazzhoppa, Chess Move Cartel has made available a free download single and promo mix. Weezy from Chess Move finds out more about the album, and the Grazzhoppa empire, in conversation with the man himself...

Caspa - BiographyCaspa, from Luton, can only be described as an 'artist', he is extremely heartfelt and talented. His talent in spoken word extends beyond the categorical label of 'MC' or 'Rapper'. He is a storyteller for the new generation of open minded music junkies and a brother to the lonely at heart.

Free Your  StyleNico Perini aka Contrast is an 18 year old lyricist from Luton. With an intelligent outlook in his lyrics and a flow much more mature than his years. He promises to be a strong contender in the music industry .His strong influences range from Hip-Hop legends to bands such as Linking Park, Nickleback, Evanescence, Limpbizkit and also a sprinkle of inspirations from bands such as Maroon 5, Coldplay, and The Script to mention a few. These aid him to create a very unique style of music combined with alternative rap lyrics and poetry, amongst other consistent vocals and a variety of instruments.

Twizzle - BiographyAs a youngster at secondary school in Fulham, West London, would-be rapper Twizzle looked up to the older kids that could hold an audience by MCing with their mates. He found music as hedonistic and exciting as any other teenager, but didn't necessarily think it would pave a career for him. Inspired by US rap including Fabolous, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, as a teen, Twizzle found a niche for himself in music back home which suited him and which he thought made him stand out from his friends; his own mix of 'hip -hop, rap, electro, dance and new wave'.

Foreign BeggarsIt may sound dramatic, but 2003 was a historical year: the invasion of Iraq took place and the Foreign Beggars released their debut album ‘Asylum Speakers’. Since then they have been like herpes, coming back when you least expect it. So after catching up with them via World Wide Web, we spoke about why Jeremy Kyle is needed to mediate the abundance of unused tooth brushes, fanatical fans and the consequences of eating spicy food.

Lazy HabitsMention the name Lazy Habits and a wealth of words comes to mind. Not only have they made the rounds to every festival going, they have also graced the same stage as the legendary Mos Def himself. Citing influences from Roots Manuva, to Nina Simone and even Prince this eight strong band definitely knows how to shake up the boundaries of hip-hop. It was pleasure to have a chinwag with James (the front man) to find out what these crazy kids are all about.

Awon - BiographyThere is always room for something new and refreshing in a community that has long since been saturated with mediocrity. Hip Hop is the pillar of street culture and has influenced people across the world. Though the art form of emceeing is decades mature, there are still newcomers who use unique expression to captivate listeners. One of these emcees is Awon.

Kameleon Beats - BiographyIn an era where production styles tend to echo each other, it’s intriguing to discover a sound that is distinguishable from your everyday beat on the radio. Before he was old enough to ride a bike, Kameleon was a kid tucked in the basement, nodding his head and listening to classic 70s vinyl. Marvin Gaye and jazz guru Bob James flooded the air as the California native studied them and soaked up their influences. His deep-rooted love for music transcended through the years and the self-proclaimed “instrumentalist” co-created Soul Students Records at Hampton University in 2003.

SkillzbeatzSkillzbeatz is one of the UK's formidable forces in Hip Hop, he doesn't limit himself there though even branching out into R&B, Drum & Bass and really anything from urban music to pop. We caught up with this South London producer, so read on to find out what he is all about.

Norman Cook aka Fatboy SlimNorman Cook was originally known as being the bassist for the House Martins, but was also instrumental in the development of UK Hip Hop as the man behind Beats International and with his seminal DJ Mix The Finest Ingredients it was possible to see how his music career would develop. Re-incarnated as Fatboy Slim, Norman Cook has become a mega-star DJ known around the world. We caught up with him at the Boardmasters Festival, so read on to find out what he had to say...


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