DJ Grimey - BiographyWith an early passion for music, DJ Grimey (Anthony Cotto) entered the music scene when he was just 16, and he has yet to lose sight of what keeps the world unified - music. Having been born in San Juan, P.R., and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and then Utica, N.Y., music as a whole has always been a part of DJ Grimey’s life.

CatalystCatalyst is a New York rapper from the Bronx. Having both parents connected to the arts, when Catalyst needed to get out of a spiral of negativity he turned to music. Catalyst began to gain recognition in the Bronx as a well known battle rapper and went on to work street promotion for Def Jam, Sony and a brief stint at EMI Records. His debut album was then released via independent label In House Music Group LLC.

Yelawolf - BiographyEnvision a humid world of slow-rolling Monte Carlos and slaughter houses; meth labs and rusting Mossberg’s, inked up arms and haircuts that look like they’ve been chopped by hatchets. Trunk muzik. Southern Pine trees, smoking pine, and pine boxes. Call him Catfish Billy or Yelawolf; just don’t go make him go pop the trunk on you.

B.A. (Bad Attitude) - BiographyFor those of you that don't know, B.A. (Bad Attitude) is a talented North London MC that is causing a stir on the underground. B.A started writing music at the age of eleven as a hobby, penning lyrics about his life and his experiences after being inspired by the likes of 2Pac, Biggie and The Heartless Crew.


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Glasses Malone - Biography

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1Xtra Wants Budding Beatmakers

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