Yaeo - Call Tha Police [Video]Mud Family member and chief of MohawkGangEntertainment - Yaeo has just released his new banger of a single 'Call Tha Police' which you can download now on iTunes. Yaeo has worked with and shined next to some of the biggest names of the uk hip hop scene, Skinnyman, Taskforce and Blade to name a few. Himself a graf artist for the last ten years, dropped his first DJ Mixtape in 2000.

Kulez - Collide [Audio]Sometimes we forget how core heavy hip hop can be. How it can grind against the cartilage of our emotions and perceptions of our country and leave us in a osteoarthiritus of admittance in reality. If you want to listen to one track, genre regardless, today, this week. This is the one you need. 'Collide' seems typical in its guitar riffs and smooth chorus vocals.

LED - Fresh Change For The Next Decade [Audio]Leddie is a 19 year old, self declared 'Synacle' female MC. Her conscious mind, unbeatable flow, intellectual observations and magnetic personality all make her one of the top female MCs to spit on this little Island we call Britain in a long, long time. As a member of the people's army, her mission is the one of any real hip hop head, to release some righteousness from an ensnared gangster pop scene.

Perfected - Fresh Change For The Next Decade [Audio]New York is the recognised home of some truly magnificent artists... of the past. It's hard to name some recent hard hitters without grinding your teeth. Which is why we welcome a new generation of consciousness, diverse ability and pure original hip hop. Check out the man Perfected for yourself. With these exclusive free downloads you will only get on this here site.


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