LMNZLMNZ’s album ‘Worldwide Rap’ a phenomenal achievement. With 76 artists and 29 languages this album is not a simple mixtape, but the physical manifestation of real Hip Hop culture as rap music. What I mean by this is: LMNZ has tapped into the true zeitgeist of what this culture is about, international cooperation. IBMCs is proud to get the interview with this intelligent and cool individual.

London ZooSince their first release was played on John Peel’s show the North West London collective London Zoo have worked with Dubbledge, Foreign Beggars, Stig of the Dump, and more. They now have their Brainstorm LP out and Danielle caught up with them to find out more…

KashmereKashmere is not your run of the mill emcee. In fact, anyone who goes by the pseudonym ‘The Iguana Man’ deserves your attention by default. If you’re unfortunate enough to be unfamiliar with his music, new project Galaktus: Power Cosmic is a good place to start.

AzraelAzrael is a dope emcee from Vancouver, Canada who has put in mad work in the underground and deserves more exposure. He is keeping it moving, blazing a trail of dopeness which I recommend people get on. IBMCs made the connection...

DaVinChe Video InterviewCheck out Anna Nathanson’s interview with London based producer DaVinChe at his South London studio. As well as working with the likes of Tinie Tempah, Kano and Tinchy Stryder, DaVinChe  is also a classically trained guitarist and pianist and has conducted a concert for the BBC’s Urban Classics.

S.E.B.Luxembourg isn't a place you'd immediately associate with hip-hop, but there is talented artists everywhere and S.E.B. is another young diamond in the hip-hop rough. Coming into the game with plenty of experience and solid connections, he is all about the music.

Mumzy StrangerIn an era of generic urban music, Mumzy Stranger is set to blast onto the UK scene with a style that is entirely his own. Raised in Plaistow by Bengali parents, Mumzy’s music blends the bhangra and Bollywood beats of his childhood with the New Jack Swing riffs and reggae-inspired rhythms of his teenage years.

Smart KidSmart Kid, has been doing music for roughly seven years, it was only four years back that people noticed he had talent and pushed him to take it a step further. This 21 year old has an incredible work rate, three mix CDs deep with another one in the making and still the hunger has not stopped. Read on to find out what he had to say when Danielle caught up with him.

MystroOne of the most charismatic British mic wielders ever to grace a stage, Mighty MysDiggi never fails to impress with his brand of mischievous humour and energetic flows. With intriguingly titled new project Digmund Freud in the bag it seemed appropriate to get inside the head of the man.

Viva FidelViva Fidel, ill emcee, and star of the Hip-Hop Kung Fu movie spoke with me about Hip Hop, the Universe and Everything. He is building with a lot of people in many areas, taking a practical approach to educating people about the real culture with an intelligent, political perspective. If you are sleeping, please wake up and pay attention.

Spin Doctor - Changing The Hip Hop LandscapeFive years ago the UK hip hop landscape changed with the arrival of The Doctors Orders to the proceeding. Named by Time Out as being “the kings of the capital's hip hop scene”, they have been responsible for throwing some of the biggest and best hip hop parties from London to Plymouth and not forgetting the famous Brighton beach parties and weekenders.

B-OneB-One is an MC originally from Ukraine who has located his base in Brixton. He's influenced by Coolio and has been working with Stylah putting together his debut LP. Danielle managed to catch up with him so read on to find out more about B-One.

SensaYou would have to have been living under a rock recently to ignore the ever-growing presence of the Don’t Flop Rap battle League in the UK scene, so I recently caught up with Sensa, one of the league’s top MC’s, to pick his brains on the subject.

Supreme The EloheemThis man's been grinding for time, in a city of a million emcees. Having made a name for himself as a Representativz, he is now on top form with a new album. He has put in work with many of the greats and releases raw, undiluted Hip Hop. This is dedication to the craft and he has some interesting things to say...

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