ASM - A State Of MindASM, standing for A State of Mind, are bringing back the funky, reggae, jazzy, live sounding hip-hop of the J-5s, the Pharcydes, the People Under the Stairs's. Accompanied by an all star line up of international hip-hop artists, they have been steadily touring and are gaining popularity by the second. Platypi are rare, so I was lucky to get some good answers out of these globetrotters, real cool guys who were a pleasure to talk to. Get to know.

TrainspottersSweden is known for dope hip-hop groups like Looptroop, Speech Defect and Hearin' Aid. God knows how these guys learn to speak English so well (let alone write ill bars), but Trainspotters is another example of a group with tight beats and rhymes, whatever the language. I caught up with the emcee Rewind to discuss all things hip-hop and also found out about the other projects they are working on with the extended fam, Random Bastards.

Main FlowMain Flow is an underground legend. I was able to converse with him through the magical porthole future technology called Skype. He proved to be a chilled man, who handled my eclectic interview technique well, providing a too-rare glimpse into the life of one of the illest emcees out there. Main Flow has worked with artists from all over the world and represents international hip-hop to the fullest.

StappzStappz is an MC coming out of Newcastle who is 24, but has been rapping for some time now. He’s been establishing himself locally but now he has his Good Writtens CD out and Danielle thought it was about time to find out more. Read on to find out more.

ConceptI came across Concept's beats randomly skimming YouTube and was immediately struck by his sound. He's got the kind of soulful jazzy production we've come to expect from golden age beatmakers like Da Beatminerz or Large Pro which work as the perfect backdrop for Mirage, his emcee. Download his first projects for free, you won't be disappointed.

Chima AnyaBursting onto the scene with the sort of natural presence, soul and charisma sadly lacking in your run of the mill UK rapper type, Chima Anya has recently unleashed his debut album ‘New Day’. It’s about time we found out where he’s been hiding all these years!

Mad StalleyThere is a new breed of emcee coming out of America. For those of us who came up listening to Black Moon, Black Sheep and Black Star, Mad Stalley represents the return of dope lyricism with a fresh twist. Not instantly comparable to other artists, he has the intelligence and flow of a Jay Electronica or a J-Live and a Freeway style beard.

Olly HillOlly Hill is an upcoming video producer who has just made the video for Micall Parknsun’s Everyday track. It looks very professional, with great animation, and it looks like it was well complicated to produce and have all that stuff going on. We managed to catch up with Olly and got him to break down his thoughts and experiences with video production. Read on to find out more.

Sway DcyphaHere at we have been documenting the progress of Sway’s career and with his link up with Akon’s label and a new mixtape The Delivery and new single Everyday Valentine out now we thought it was about time we got the latest developments. Nikhil Sharma caught up with the man to get it all recorded for you.

Mohammed YahyaMohammed Yahya is a Mozambican born Rapper / Spoken Word Artist who was forced to flee his country of birth during the civil war. Having moved to Portugal, the young Mohammed Yahya began to show an interest in music, partly due to his father’s influence as a singer. Being surrounded by poverty, he used music and poetry to channel his thoughts, energy and emotion in a positive manner. Read on to find out what he had to say when Nikhil Sharma caught up with him.

Harry Love8 out of 10 cats prefer Harry Love’s beats. Fact! Having blessed everyone from Blak Twang to Verb T with his brooding boom bap masterpieces, not to mention his infamous skills on the decks, he’s certainly cemented his legendary status among those in the know. We caught up with the man ahead of his headlining spot at The Doctors Orders Dilla Tribute Special (20th February @ Jam  9 -12 Middle St Brighton).

Jordan SaflorAnna Nathanson meets up and coming artist Jordan Saflor to hear about his journey so far, what it’s like for Asian acts in the UK and the Filipino Hip Hop scene…

MJayMichael Joseph a.k.a. MJay is a young, fresh and vibrant London born and raised young man with one goal, to succeed! Having been influenced by music from an early age it is no wonder that MJay is today stepping into the world of music and focussing on a long and successful career.

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