Ol' Dirty Bastard (R.I.P.) - BiographyOne of the founding members of the legendary Wu Tang Clan, ODB recorded some of the most influential hip-hop of the '90s, Ol' Dirty Bastard was the loose cannon of the group, both on record and off. Delivering his outrageously profane, free-associative rhymes in a distinctive half-rapped, half-sung style, ODB came across as a mix of gonzo comic relief and not-quite-stable menace.

Buddha Monk - BiographyBuddha Monk, one of the most influent US song writers, rapper and hiphopper, member of Wu Tang Clan and founder of Brooklyn Zu, has an incredible record in music business. Lifes a scheme: has been a trademark for Lord Buddha Monk and he is one to testify with over 22 years in the music industry.

Large Professor - BiographyWhen it comes to favourite producers Large Professor will feature near the top of any self respecting Hip-Hop head’s list. William Paul Mitchell aka Large Professor also known as Large Pro and Xtra P, from Harlem, is not only a good writer and MC, he is also very innovative and immensely creative musician and producer. He started out with a Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard and later maximized the ability of the SP-1200 sampler.

Skilf - Slow Me DownSkilf is a Brighton based rapper / MC / singer, with intricate lyrics, sharp delivery and an ever growing fan base. Skilf’s new single ‘Slow Me Down’, featuring the Californian singer Michelle Ericsson, was produced by Toni Toolz who was responsible for the official remixes of ‘Trick Me’ by Kelis, ‘She Wants To Move’ by N.E.R.D, and ‘Slipping Away’ by Moby.

Don-E Does It NaturallyNatural” seems the perfect title for the new album from one of the UK’s most gifted and enduring urban music talents Don-E, for whom writing, producing and performing comes naturally. Already DJs at 1Xtra, Choice, Kiss and Radio 1 are jumping on upfront tracks like ‘Addictive Love’ and ‘Stay A While’.

Low Deep - BiographyLuton-based Reuben Abraham was a mere 17 years old when he tore into the UK’s Grime scene with instant-anthem debut, ‘Straight Flush’. This trail-blazing debut began life as eight bars of beats that Reuben made for a production ‘challenge’ instigated on the popular RWD Magazine online forum. A group of forum members, including producers like Mr Slash, came up with eight bars each to form one track – and Reuben’s contribution was the genesis of ‘Straight Flush’.

Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles - BiographyFreddie Foxxx is an enigma. He keeps redefining himself as others desperately try to pin him down and label him. Ruffian. Hardcore. Gun-Wielding. A bygone legend, limited to cameos and guest appearances. Industry Troublemaker. Foxxx is all of these things and none of them at once. A past marred with distrust and hard-breaks has molded Foxxx into a chameleon and one of the most respected emcees out there.

Bombay Monkey - 130 Astronauts CD [Lo Tek]Bombay Monkey’s new album ‘130 Astronauts’ is the third in a “trilogy of four parts” following ‘Vanish’ (2005) and ‘Time Travellers’ (2006). Although ‘130 Astronauts’ is themed around space, the album title is actually derived from the number of space cadets that used to drop by at 130 St Johns Road in Tunbridge Wells, where Bombay Monkey first started making tracks together.

Derrty Boi MontanaDerrty Boi Montana” formally known as “Tantrum Montana” leads the current local scene as one of the best, lyrically, out of St. Louis. The versatile spitter shocks frequencies with his diverse swag and unique delivery. His futuristic sound is familiar to many throughout the Midwest in cities such as St. Louis, Indianapolis and Gary, Memphis, Chicago, Des Moines and Oklahoma City. Not falling short on the fans who love his tune over seas in France and Germany.

Isaiah - Prince of Soul - BiographyIsaiah is about to take the music industry by storm. He exhibits all the traits of a future superstar, the charming personality, the talent and the right look. Born Isaiah Smith, January 24 1986 in Philadelphia, this up and coming singer, songwriter and producer brings a new sound to the music industry, which he refers to as "Street Soul"; a musical hybrid between hip hop, r&b and soul.

Nice - BiographyNice, CEO, artist, producer, arranger and composer, is one of hip-hop’s newest and brightest phenomenons in the Midwest today. Nice's success on the chart's began with the smash hit single entitled ‘Who We Is’ in which he is the front man for the group Tha Thump. He’s also responsible for the group’s remarkable success.

Tinie TempahAt just nineteen MC / writer, Tinie Tempah, has more achievements under his belt than a heavyweight boxing champion. Since the tender age of 16 he’s remained on a vertical path to success using every opportunity to get his music heard by the masses.

urSession.com / Wake Up Show 100K BattleThe word on the streets is hip-hop is dead. The word in the boardrooms is the music industry is dead. Sway & King Tech of the legendary Wake Up Show are on a mission to prove the world wrong on both counts with the 100K Battle, a revolutionary competition that, in conjunction with the innovative new social networking website urSession.com, may just end up being responsible for the discovery of the next great rapper - and the next great record label.

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