B.A. (Bad Attitude) - BiographyFor those of you that don't know, B.A. (Bad Attitude) is a talented North London MC that is causing a stir on the underground. B.A started writing music at the age of eleven as a hobby, penning lyrics about his life and his experiences after being inspired by the likes of 2Pac, Biggie and The Heartless Crew.

Dean Atta Is The Gil Scott-Heron Of His GenerationWinner of Black LGBT Community Award for Arts and Spirit of London Award for Achievement through the Arts, Atta was invited to 10 Downing Street to meet former PM Gordon Brown and City Hall to meet Mayor Boris Johnson. Atta has appeared on prime time Channel 4 in a ‘3 Minute Wonder’ in which he proudly declared himself as ‘Young Black & Gay’.

Polar Bear With Jyager - Common Ground CD [Leaf]Just like superheroes, jazz musicians and rappers are fond of teaming up. Whether it’s Batman and Superman joining forces to defend the DC universe or Busta Rhymes dropping in for show-stealing cameo on someone else’s record, the individual histories often intertwine to intoxicating effect. But what happens when the distances that separate the individuals are greater than those between Metropolis and Gotham?

Bestiavl 2010 PreviewAs most of you will know, Bestival 2010 is looming and people are starting make sure that those old skool wellies still fit, their nunty macs don’t have any holes in and their tents have got all of their pegs. However, you never know, it could be bright sunshine right through the 4 days so you wont need some of those things!

Salt N Pepa - Push It Real Good - BiographyOriginally calling themselves Super Nature (for just the first single), the group came out in 1985 with the single The Showstopper which was an answer record to Doug E. Fresh's hit single The Show. The Showstopper was produced by Hurby Azor, who had to do it as a school project. The finished recording garnered some airplay and the independent Pop Art Records gave it an official release and The Showstopper became a modest R&B hit.

Tiesto - BiographyThe UK leg of the 'Kaleidoscope' became one of the most extravagant tours that the UK have ever seen. The shows were no-holds-barred, off the wall productions hosted by the world's premiere DJ. In fact, they didn't exceed expectations so much as blow them wide open.

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Farma G - It's A Funny Old Game mp3 [MFTC]
Farma G - It's A Funny Old Game mp3 [MFTC]

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Black Britanyaa - The Windrush Volume 2 CD [Abduct...
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Paranormal Activity 2
Paranormal Activity 2

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Frisson Gallery: Girls On Top Exhibition
Frisson Gallery: Girls On Top Exhibition

The Frisson Gallery is holding yet another phenomenal exhibition. The work of the all female, intern [ ... ]



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