Alice In WonderlandTim Burton teams with long term collaborators - Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter to give us a unique twist on Lewis Carroll's surreal world of Alice In Wonderland. In this version over imaginative Alice (newcomer Wasikowska) is 19 years old and is struggling to fit into a repressive Victorian society, when she spies a white rabbit which she follows to a rather large rabbit hole.

Frozen RiverSet at the bleak border of the USA and Canada two women become unlikely accomplices sharing a common goal - that of keeping their families together in the face of poverty and hopelessness. The frozen river of the title refers to a vast lake in a Mohawk reserve that spans the US & Canadian border. Ray (Leo) unwittingly becomes involved in smuggling illegal immigrants into the US by Lila (Upham) a Mohawk.

TysonMike Tyson retells the highs and lows of his career in this documentary. It begins with his tough Brooklyn upbringing, his discovery by his mentor Cus D'Amato. The film then documents his years at the top, his years of excess and his many falls from grace and his loss of boxing prowess - where he blatantly admits he was boxing 'for the money'.

AvatarFamously ten years in the making, the follow up to Titanic, James Cameron's baby Avatar in 3D is the film he designed a whole new technology for.

The Hurt LockerSet in post invasion Iraqi The Hurt Locker follows the bomb disposal squad as they are joined by SSG James (Renner) following the death of a previous squad member. James turns out to be an adrenaline junkie seemingly willing to ignore orders and endanger lives. James is cocky and confident and he relishes his work which is more than a little unsettling for the rest of his team.

Where The Buffalo RoamBill Murray plays the madcap journalist Hunter S Thompson in this semi biographical tale of drugs, alcohol, attorneys and the occasional mention of journalism. Murray is instantly recognisable in 'Hunter' garb although he doesn't go in for the full bald head unlike Johnny Depp in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. That though is probably the main difference in these two Hunter based movies.

MoonSam Rockwell plays Sam Bell a Luna Industries employee coming to the end of a three year contract as the lone employee mining on the moon. His only companion in his lonely existence is the computer GERTY (voiced by Spacey), and sporadic messages from earth as there is no direct communication link available.

Not Quite HollywoodThe story of the rise of Ozploitation an era in which Australian cinema exploded with low budget films, which centred around sex, violence, horror and road movies. The film covers mainly the 70's to the mid 80's and details the rise of the low budget filmmakers whos film making paralleled that of US and European cinema at the time.

Terminator SalvationFollowing on from the three previous Terminator films, Salvation finds us in 2018 amidst the 'battle of the machines' that was predicted in the first film. We are with John Conner (Bale) as he leads a group of human resistance fighters against the HK's (Hunter Killers) and Terminators.

ReligulousReligulous is American comedian Bill Maher's documentary about his search for the reasons for faith. Maher interviews Muslims, Jews and Christians Mormons, scientists and even a Vatican astrologer to try to understand why people have faith. He visits a Creationist museum, which shows dinosaurs and humans living together, and even the Holy Land theme park in Florida where they enact recreations of Jesus being crucified on an hourly basis!

CronosA film from the archives of the new 'King' of spinning of adult twisted fairy tales Del Toro's early film Cronos doesn't disappoint, and shows all of the imagination, thought and psyche that brought us Pan's Labyrinth and the soon to be (but not soon enough) The Hobbit.

Drag Me To HellDrag Me to Hell seems Sam Rami return to the horror genre after directing the Spiderman franchise. Written ten years ago with his brother Ivan, Drag Me to Hell centres on easy-going bank employee Christine (Lohman) who tries to impress her boss by refusing a loan extension to Mrs Ganush (Raver). Later that day when Christine returns to her car Ganush attacks her and places a curse on her. Christine then has three days to lift the curse before she is dragged to hell.

Year OneThe director of the classic Ground Hog Day has joined together with Jack Black to bring to film a comedy inhabited with biblical characters.

Looking For EricLooking for Eric is Ken Loach's latest film where he introduces us to Eric Bishop (Evets) a middle-aged postman who has managed to mess up his life. The film begins with Eric in a state of despair and depression he's alone, he has two disrespectful stepsons, and he is finding it difficult to cope and cannot see a future. Enter into this Eric Cantona, Eric's football hero who helps him get his life on track.

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