Role ModelsThink of two guys (Rudd and Scott) pedalling 'have energy drinks instead of drugs' messages around schools. Think of these guys having a particularly bad day when they end up having to undertake 150 hours of community service rather than go to jail. Think of these two guys who can barely look after themselves being put in a position of responsibility of mentoring kids. So begins the predictable but enjoyable film Role Models.

X Men Origins: WolverineX-Men Origins: Wolverine is the latest comic superhero movie to hit our screens. There has been a relentless queue of comic book titles vying for our hard earned pennies since the release of Spiderman in 2002 revamped this neglected genre of films.

Lakeview TerraceA young mixed race couple (he's white, she's black) move into their first home. Unfortunately for them their neighbour is a racist cop (Jackson) who does his best to make their lives hell.

The IdiotsThe Idiots is the second in Lars Von Trier's Dogma films, which was originally released in 1999. Dogma was an expression used to describe a spontaneous type of film making where hand held shaky cameras are used with a homemade documentary feel to the footage.

The Mist - Out on DVD nowThis is another Stephen King story directed by Frank Darabont (who also directed the classic Shawshank Redemption). David Drayton and his son travel into town with a neighbour the day after a heavy storm. Whilst in a supermarket a dense mist descends around the town, a near hysterical guy then runs into the shop shouting about something being in the mist and to lock the doors.

The Happening - Out on DVD NowThe Happening is the latest movie by the writer / director M. Night Shyamlan who has made films like The Sixth Sense, Signs and more recently The Lady in the Water. This movie opens in New York when for seemingly no reason there seems to be a collective desire by people to commit suicide.

Let the Right One InI've been looking forward to seeing this film for ages, it has consistently had amazing reviews and something different was promised than the usual vampire movie. I'm pleased to report that I wasn't disappointed.

Eden LakeThis is a British 'horror' movie from the same team that made The Descent in 2005 it is directed by first timer James Watkins. Eden Lake concerns a couple (Jenny and Steve) getting away from it all with a romantic weekend at a rural beauty spot.

The Changeling - Out on DVD nowThis is based on the true story of Christine Collins, a Los Angeles based single mother who in 1928 returns home from work one day to find her son, Walter, is missing. Months after his disappearance she is told by the police that he has now been found. In fact he is still missing and the police replace him with another boy, in an attempt to create some positive press news instead of tales of police corruption and incompetence over his disappearance.

Baby Mama - Out on DVD nowDirected by Michael McCullers this film revolves around a successful single career woman Kate Holbrook played by Tina Fey (the comic who so successfully appeared as Sarah Palin before the US elections) and her increasingly loud biological clock. As well as being single and ordering sperm from a menu she finds out that her uterus is a T shape, and it would be 1 in a million if she did conceive.

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