Burn After ReadingHeres the cast and character breakdown for the Joel & Ethan Coen Brother's follow up to the Oscar winning No County For Old Men; John Malkovich plays a CIA agent Osborne Cox who is forced to quit his job because of an alohol problem he is married to Katie played by Tilda Swinton whos character is having an affair with US Marshall Harry Pfarrer (George Clooney).

The WatchmenAdapted from the classic and much loved Alan Moore mini comic series from 1987 the Watchmen arrives at the screen with the huge weight of fan anticipation (including mine). I loved the comic - a classic and my thoughts were that if it wasn't done well in a movie then really there was no point touching it at all.

Old BoyRevenge is a dish best served cold, or maybe raw would be a better way of putting it as confirmed by the infamous octopus scene in this movie. This is a classic Korean movie released in 2003 but as it's the latest DVD I've watched I'm going to give you my views on it.

Rihanna - Barbadian Superstardom DVD [Wienerworld]This 60 minute DVD highlights the life of Barbadian singing sensation Rihanna. In chronological order it follows her intriguing story from growing up on the sunny beaches of the West Indian island Barbados, coping with her drug taking Father, auditioning for Jay-Z and to most currently the release of her third album ‘Good Girl, Gone Bad’.

Kidulthood To Adulthood"You can go from Kidulthood to Adulthood / Now I must act like an adult would / React like an adult should" - Bashy’s words, yet again laying down the truth as he talks about the common mindset that comes with the final stages of adolescence. Two years ago the critically acclaimed “Kidulthood” came as the first real representation of the 21st century British youth lifestyle.

Street Kings [20th Century Fox]LAPD corruption comes under the spotlight in Street Kings, the taut police action thriller released this Spring by Twentieth Century Fox. Keanu Reeves (The Matrix Trilogy, Speed, Point Break) stars as troubled veteran LAPD officer, Tom Ludlow, in this dark tale of good cop versus bad cop.

He’s one of the most successful rappers of the past two decades; and he’s turned his hand to other showbiz elements too, taking in acting, TV presenting and even running his own adult film operation. And now legendary rapper Snoop Dogg is turning his hand to horror, in what is being promoted as the illest, sickest release of the year.

Planet B-Boy [Planet B Boy]With compelling characters and vibrant dance sequences, Planet B-Boy is set in the International world of B-boying - the urban dance more commonly known as “breakdancing”. Weaving between the vivid backdrops of Osaka, Paris, Seoul and Las Vegas, unforgettable images frame the intimate stories of dancers who struggle for their dreams despite being misunderstood by larger society and even their own families.

Choreography Film AwardsBroadcaster Amanda K Scott has just completed the first series of Choreography Film Awards. The six short films which have French, British or Dutch choreography will screen throughout Europe in Summer 2008. Two of the series commissioned films True Element and Cleopatra To Jezebel we're from Hip Hop choreographers.

Wade Robson - WithinFans of So You Think You Can Dance have seen the fabulous choreographer, Wade Robson work his magic with the dancers on the show and now the fans can experience Wade's work behind the camera with his short film Within.

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