/ Straight Out Leodis Podcast 1 - February 2007So, the Straight Out Leodis podcast is finally ready to go. Almost 50 minutes of free downloadable joy and happiness for all you heads out there. This month's show sets a format which I intend to follow in future - the first half is me dropping and mixing some tunes and chatting a bit, the second half is a guest mix, this time round by DJ Prolific of Urban Mondays and Fresh Jive.

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Selected Articles:

Star Trek
Star Trek

J J Abrams reboot of the Star Trek franchise sees the familiar characters of the original Star Trek  [ ... ]

Red - Seen 7" [Dealmaker]
Red - Seen 7

The debut release from skratch mystro Red finally makes its way to the shelves next month as a limit [ ... ]

Rogirs - Life and Music: All Of It CD [Fibby]
Rogirs - Life and Music: All Of It CD [Fibby]

After two years of touring the world with Alicia Keys and 3 failed recording deals, RnB / soul artis [ ... ]

Scribe - Not Many (The Remix) 12" [All City]
Scribe - Not Many (The Remix) 12

‘Not Many – The Remix’ is the lead single from Scribe’s brand new debut albu [ ... ]

Jack Flash
Jack Flash

Jack Flash is an artist coming out of Huddersfileld who currently has his Union Jack LP out. Aidan S [ ... ]



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