Dem Franchize BoyzDem Franchize Boyz formed in their Atlanta Westside high school. As teens, Jizzal Man (Bernard Leverette), Parlae (Maurice Gleaton), Pimpin (Jamall Willingham), and Buddie (Gerald Tiller) put their minds and rhyme skills together and, throughout high school and college, they honed their vision into what it is today – a new wave of crunk that paints a graphic picture of the streets of Atlanta and their raw lifestyle.

Verb T and Harry LoveVerb T & Harry Love are back again with another instant classic. Delusion is the first single from Bring It Back (To Basics), the highly anticipated debut album from both of these established artists. Causing quite a stir in the media, this release is enjoying critical acclaim across the board.

RuffstylzThe living breathing embodiment of all that is Hip-hop has been carving his name into the scene’s skull with a double edged microphone for the past decade. Whether it’s as a commentator (for the number one Hip-hop Magazine HHC), an activist (he’s one 3rd of the Brotherz Grimm family), or as an emcee with unstoppable stamina (currently he holds the World Record for the Longest Freestyle at over 10 and a half hours) Ruffstylz has always taken things upwards and onwards to the next level.   

Killa KelaWhat more is there to say about Kela? Plenty actually: Pharrell Williams (The Neptunes/NERD) and Justin Timberlake think he’s the best in the world; his Rave Of The Future 10” is out now damaging record shop shelves along with the most original mix CD you’ve heard in yonks (The Day That Shook The World); his Spit Kingdom empire is now global with club dates all over Europe and constant bookings in just about every country there is and this tour is to promote his incredible new album Elocution - out on Sony/BMG from October 10th.

Genesis Elijah2005 was a great year for Genesis Elijah and Broken Souls which ended on a high thanks to all their fans! Genesis Elijah's 'Jah Bless' single was voted in at no.11 in the top 50 urban music tracks of 2005 at 1Xtra. Now this may seem like a great achievement but it was more than that when you consider that the shortlist included not only independent acts but all the major artists too. So we're happy that we were only beaten by the likes of 50 Cent, Damian Marley, Kanye West, Kano etc!!

Killa KelaKilla Kela's attack on mainstream society begins on April 24th with the release of the multivocalistic Secrets, the first major single from his current album, Elocution. As it's being released as an ECD, 12", Limited Edition 7" and digital download, you've got no excuse why not to rush out and buy at least one copy of Secrets.

CarpetfaceIf you're looking for a more purely audible beatbox fix, keep an eye out for Carpetface's new seven inch which should be out soon, around early November. It's a double A-side, Spread it Around / Realeyesation, and is sweet as! Don't take our word for it though; check out the tracks yourself on the bearded one's MySpace.


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