Stone Bench - Animal House LP [StoneBench]Edinburgh based Elmi Tha Mos'Hi, Konda and Blasfima Sinna (A.K.A DJ U-Turn) AKA Stone Bench are back with a brand new eighteen track album that is a must for all Hip-Hop and Boom Bap fans! You may remember last June they dropped the superb 'Stone Bench' debut album that featured J-Live, Sean Price, Rapper Big Pooh and others, if not you've been sleeping and now its time for you to wake up to the realness!

Trademark Blud - Command And Conquer MP3 [Platformz Records]Trademark Blud is a name that most people into UK Hip-Hop should already know! For those that don't let us once again introduce you to one of the UK's most dedicated artists who last year teamed up with UK Runnings and released his debut mixtape 'Tricks Of The Trade' hosted by Tricksta, a UK mixtape veteran who has done mixtapes with US acts such as D-Block, Papoose, Sheek Louch, Red Cafe and UK acts Big Narstie, Iron Braydz, Novar and more.

2 Complex - Standard Procedure LP [Northern Structure]The eclectic as ever Northern Structure Records have returned with their latest offering to the world of hip hop in the form of Standard Procedure, courtesy of emcee duo 2 Complex (Evileyz, Spider Jaroo) and producer Bambu Hands. The twelve track album takes the listener back to those early, hazy days of what was to become a formidable force in the northern hip hop scene.

TSK - Average Rapper Syndrome MP3 [Rhyme Pad Records]TSK is a twenty three year old rapper from Thetford, East Anglia. He has just dropped his debut album entitled Average Rapper Syndrome within the last forty eight hours and as soon as we heard it we knew we had to promote it and get it heard. TSK has spent the last twelve months working on the album and we believe that this has paid off and that the album has the potential to have a strong impact.

Kingpin - Shut This Down MP3 [DopeShit]London rapper Kingpin releases the visuals to "Shut This Down". The first single off his upcoming EP "Life Sentence", which will drop via Dopeshit Records. The EP entails ten tracks produced by VR with the collaboration of different musicians: Mat Davies (bass), Alessandro Cappelli (guitar) and Alex Schneiter (trumpet). The EP "Life Sentence" will be available june 2015 on CD / digital and vinyl.

Essa - Evade And Seek: The EPilogue EP [First Word]'Evade And Seek: the EPilogue' is the companion EP to Essa's recent album 'The Misadventures Of A Middle Man'. Featuring two all-new tracks plus alternate versions of some favourites from the album, it reminds us why Essa is one of the UK's most versatile MCs. 'LeLeLe' is a club-ready, punchline-heavy beast produced by Flako. The sparse, bassfuelled beat is the perfect backdrop for Kashmere (Strange U) and Essa's flawless bars.

Louise Golbey - Novel LP [Indie]This is not necessarily something we would cover or push usually, but we have an eclectic taste and this has a lovely mellow and soulful sound you need to give a chance. Its going to be great for cruising with the top down (when the weather gets better), or for relaxing after a hard day thuggin'. Soulful classic sounds reminiscent of Mowtown mixed with neo-soul produce a timeless sound for Louise Golbey to show us what she is worth.

Mystro aka MysDiggi - Lamb's Bread (Prod. by Mark de Clive-Lowe) [Don't Bizznizz Ent.]Appropriately filmed in Amsterdam, Holland, MysDiggi takes us on a journey through the streets and cafes on a smokey, drunk-funk infused piece of work by New Zealand's very own mastermind-musician Mark de Clive-Lowe. Taken from the forth-coming 'Mystrogen Deluxe' LP available this coming April 20th 2015 on Mystro's own label Don't Bizznizz Ent.

QELD - USSR MP3 [Indie]If you didn't gather from the previous review and interview I did with Bristol Hip-Hoppers QELD, I like them a lot. Their beats are crafted around old soul records and samplers; while their rhymes are based upon Socialist/left-wing ideas, and bleed together wonderfully with a number of personal issues.

Depths Beneaf prod. Bambu Hands - Enter LP [Indie]Bambu Hands normally puts out products through the label Northern Structure, but this brand new release from unknown UK crew Depths Beneaf is unassociated with any label. This release is entirely produced Bambu Hands. The rappers involved are a pair of brothers the oldest (Jacob) who taught (Helm) the youngest how to rap and write with a heavy focus on style and content. The album itself is a journey through hardcore rap set in a futuristic landscape with kung foo fighting and blazes of magic.

Cheebo And Cosm - Dissonance EP [Indie]Cheebo and Cosm are a hip hop duo that hail from Bournemouth U.K., specialising in real hip hop. They have been making music together for two years and have released two projects to date, "Hollow Sun" and this, their most recent offering "Dissonance". Cheebo creates the sonic aesthetic that Inspires Cosm to write in his own visceral, visual inimitable style... Which in turn inspires Cheebo, and so the cycle perpetuates.

Cappo And Stealf - Unicron EP [De Facto Entertainment]De Facto Entertainment is proud to present 'Unicron' courtesy of Nottingham veteran Cappo aka Grizwald aka Grand Imperial aka etc. produced by boom bap aficionado Stealf. The consistent work rate combined with the deep abstract lyricism is why Cappo is regarded as one of the greats in UK Hip Hop and Stealf holds an impressive production resume which promises that 'Unicron' will live up to that reputation.


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