DJ Supreme aka Soops ft. Icepick - Just Me and You MP3 [Backbone]Would you believe it has been eight years since we covered DJ Supreme's Turntable Trixters DVD? Well it has, its been too long and finally DJ Supreme has come out of retirement. Apparently this song, an underground single featuring The Icepick has been bubbling around since last summer, but this is the first time it has come across my radar. The track has recieved a 'soft' release, but has been brewing nicely on Soundcloud and Youtube receiving a lot of plays and positive feedback, and so its time to spread the word!

Benny Diction And Able8 - RPM / Take Off MP3 [Boom Bap Professionals]RPM is the third single taken from the critically acclaimed LP 'Life Moves' and features fellow Punning Clan member Tony Skank and songstress Melody Myla and is backed with the bonus track 'Take Off' and the instrumental of RPM. Its a nice package and whilst RPM has a couple of cliched elements its production is never the less comprised of heavy bumping production with a groaning bassline from Able8 for Uncomfortable Beats accompanied with summery vibed vocals of Melody Myla.

Spider Jaroo prod. Bambu Hands - Live From The Archive Vol. 1 LP [Northern Structure]2014 has so far seen the release of Bambu Hands' 'The Lost Soul' instrumental project. Northern Structure Records latest release comes in the form of Live From The Archive Vol. 1, An 18 track compilation project entirely produced by Bambu Hands featuring the vocal talents of Spider Jaroo. Over the course of the album various emcees feature throughout from all regions of the UK even stretching out to Australia including, Benny Diction, Amos, Evileyz, The Bluntskins, Mothership Connection, Jack Danz and Tenchoo to name a few.

Essa - The Misadventures Of A Middle Man LP [First Word]Soon to drop on First Word Records is the long awaited 'The Misadventures Of A Middle Man', the new album from Essa. Despite being a firm fixture in UK rap for over a decade, this will be Essa's first full-length since 2006's 'Grown Man Business' with DJ Mr Thing. Early releases 'Liquid Love', 'City Breaks' and 'Dancing Shoes' (under former name Yungun) established him as one of the UK's most insightful MCs. Collabs with Guru (Gang Starr/Jazzmatazz) and praise from Nas and Mark Ronson followed. All of this whilst pursuing a parallel career as an entertainment lawyer.

Crown ft. Caxton Press - What The World Needs Now / Hunger 12" [Modulor Pro / Just Listen]Caxton Press feature on Crown (Grim Reaperz) debut solo LP with the track 'What The World Needs Now'. For those who know, Grim Reaperz are based in France and are a big deal in beat production. This LP features top talent from France and USA with Caxton Press being the only UK based feature. The album features the artists you would choose to feature on your tracks if you were making them, such as Masta Ace, Saigon, El Da Sensei, PMD, Phil Da Agony, Reks, Rasco, IAM (France), Grand Agent and of course Caxton Press amongst others.

ThisisDA prod. Benji Boko - Fallback 12" [Indie]Fallback is the latest single from Bristol rapper ThisisDA and sees him teaming up with Brighton born electronic producer Benji Boko. Following the release of his acclaimed debut album Super Arkane, produced entirely by Mankub, and latest single Voodoo with Chicago's Mojek, ThisisDA continues to veer away from the 'Boom Bap' label initially placed on him by joining forces up with another experimental producer.

Steg G And The Freestyle Master - Inner City Pressures EP [Powercut Productions]Inner City Pressures is the new seven track EP by Scottish Hip Hop pioneers Steg G and the Freestyle Master. The EP sees them take a venture through some of the many pressures that arise in the modern urban landscape. From love to loneliness the duo cover a wide variety of topics with the help of some outstanding guest features from the likes of Mog, Pete McCoy and Guests Of Nature and also features the first in an up coming series of collaborations between Glasgow Hip Hop artists and their counterparts in one of it's twin cities in Nuremberg Germany.

Bambu Hands - The Lost Soul LP [Northern Structure]Residing in the wilderness of the North West on England. Producer and Crate Digger Bambu Hands releases his third themed instrumental project 'The Lost Soul'. This time Bambu Hands is using all of those old and unwanted soul records he had lying around. Turning what may have been a dusty charity shop bound stack of records into a fusion of soul and beats in a way only Bambu Hands knows how.

Typikal - The Mighty Pessimist LP [Subfriction Records]Glaswegian hip hop label Subfriction finally presents East Kilbride born Typikal's, debut album entitled The Mighty Pessimist. Its somewhat a look inside the mind of the average Scottish, twenty-something's, man. As the title suggests, Typikal takes us through a journey of everything that grinds his gears, gets on his nerves, and just downright pisses him off. Tales of late teenage years of indulgence quickly become stories of growing up, struggling to make a wage, and preparing for fatherhood.

K*Ners - Watch You / Ma Ma Part 2 MP3 [Reel Me Records]In the lead up to K*Ners long awaited album 'V.O.T.C (Voice Of The City)' signed to Bristol's urban heavyweight label Reel Me Records, we are proud to bring in proceedings with what can only be described as a summer anthem, "Watch You". K*Ners has proven himself again to deliver another slice of UK Hip-Hop that is guaranteed to get your attention. The track features Universe, its produced by Self Taught Beats and mixed and mastered by Kosheen. It comes complete with a video that brings in the eclectic street life and folk of London. This release has the ingredients of becoming the perfect debut release for his up and coming album.

Verbal Skillz - The Guillotine Album LP [2-Bit Records]The Guillotine Album is an old school, real talk hip hop album from UK emcee Verbal Skillz. The album features tracks from US rap legend Masta Ace on M@NKIND and Emceekilla, from Caxton Press on a track called Characters. The album has 12 tracks, including two bonus beats, a reworking of Dark Days and a remix of Lacking Minerals.

Love + Hate [BBC / Ruby Films]Set in Northern England, across the racial divide, Love + Hate is a contemporary love story between a white guy and a Pakistani girl. Far from being just another Romeo + Juliet knock-off, though, Dominic Savage's film deals with the reality of cultural intolerance and double standards spawning from peer influence; and how they can hinder interracial relationships between young people living in our society today.

The N WordThe "N" word is considered to be a touchy subject - particularly among black Americans - even today. Used in the derogatory sense to refer to black people, as well in eye dialect as "nigga" (an informal slang term), there is cause for debate whether its common use in the modern day is right or wrong.

Scratch [Palm Pictures]You may yet be unappreciative of the art form of moving a vinyl record back and forth using various sophisticated techniques; or you may already be a great admirer and simply wish to know more about the historical development of scratching. Either way, Doug Pray's documentary, Scratch, fascinatingly emphasizes the importance of the Hip-Hop DJ and the turntable as a musical instrument, charting the rise of the unique subculture since its creation in the 1970s.


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