Akala Thieves Banquet Tour At The Garage London 29/11/2013Until recent years I've felt pretty pessimistic about music. A cursory tour around your radio dials will probably demonstrate why. I'm not talking specifically about hip hop, I mean across the board. We live in a culture where genres are represented by the most economically successful acts, not the most definitive, groundbreaking or influential artists.

Kid Tsunami - The Chase LP [Headbop Records]I first heard the name Kid Tsunami when Pocho from Headbop Records linked me to the preview clip from his (then) forthcoming album The Chase. The production immediately caught my ear and I really wanted to hear the full versions of the tracks with this devastating line up including many of my favourite emcees. To say it sounded promising was an understatement. If names like Krs-One, Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, AG, OC, J-Live, Pharoahe Monch (it just goes on and on...) don't grab your attention, well... I'm not sure you can be helped.

Swift Kirabo - It's Just Begun MP3 [Indie]Swift Kirabo is a rap artist from the city of Manchester. He's been doing music seriously for three years and dabbles in any genre he feels like, but mainly works with Hip Hop / Grime. From early on Swift gravitated towards music because he's always had the feeling that it's what he should be doing in life, music is something he's truly passionate about and wants to improve on daily.

River Nelson - The Shape Of The Sky LP [World Of Dusty Vinyl]River Nelson releases a brand new album produced by Lewis Parker. 'The Shape of The Sky' is the second full length album from River Nelson, after his critically acclaimed release 'The Rise and Fall of River Nelson'. The album is comprised of thirteen tracks that will inspire, motivate, and allow you to hear topics that aren't usually covered in Hip-Hop.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Repent Replenish Repeat LP [Sunday Best]Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip's critically acclaimed debut album Angles was released in May 2008, just twelve months after the first fruits of their partnership had hit the airwaves and landed a top 40 chart position. After two years of solid touring Dan and Pip produced their follow up Logic Of Chance, and their burgeoning fan base made it a brace of Top 40 hits in March 2010.

Filfy ft. Deadly Hunta - Buffalo Soldier MP3 [High IQ]Hailing from the UK, Filfy is an artist with a really eclectic background, evolving and developing alongside the trends and transformation of the kaleidoscopic underground music scene of London. Filfy began his illustrious career as a Jungle MC, and as the craze for Jungle was leaving room for drum and bass, he became one of the pioneers of UK Garage, frequently appearing within the London club scene, teaming up with some of the hottest promoters and performing live at some of the most popular venues in town, as well as touring overseas.

Vinnie Paz - Carry On Tradition EP [Pazmanian Devil Music]For more than a decade and a half, Vinnie Paz has been a mainstay at the top of the independent hip-hop scene. He is the frontman of both Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs and one half of the Heavy Metal Kings duo with Ill Bill. In 2010, he stepped out as a solo artist with his album, 'Season of the Assassin', and followed that up with the 2012 release of 'God of the Serengeti'. On 28 October 2013, Vinnie releases his new 8-song EP 'Carry On Tradition'.

Apex Zero - Reality Provoking Liberation LP [Indie]The underground hip hop scene in the UK has gone through something of a revival in the past few years. It's easy to assume this is a response to the world at large; turbulent times make for more turbulent music. That said, the world has always been a turbulent place, at least if you're reading the right newspapers (or perhaps more accurately, not reading the wrong ones) and there's never a shortage of issues to be explored in hip hop.

FDot1 And Rediculus - Dedicated EP [Knowledge Giving Birth Productions]Here is the 'Dedicated EP', the first of many projects produced by Chicago producer Rediculus featuring UK MC Fdot1. This project came to light six months ago, shortly after Rediculus's mother passed and he was reflecting on where life was taking him. He hit the studio and made a bunch of beats in the weeks after that really resonated with him. He knew that these beats would be able to be used to provide a cohesive project showing what being dedicated to the things in your life means.


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