Nee-Hi - The Delorean [Audio]Really, really feeling this! Nee-Hi is from Ipswich and he's on a real good time rap tip. I won't hold the fact that he wears skinny jeans against him - he's a big kicks head too and his music is as fresh as his style sounds. Well, I say fresh, it's like a salute to all his old school influences - probably what makes this so nice!

Stylah - The WarningA vertitable flotilla of UK Hip Hop music gratuit today. first off is Stylah's 'The Warning' which is truly hosted by ex-gangster type Dave Courtney who drops Cockney quotables throughout. There are plenty of full quality tracks to be had here with production from Styalz Fuego, Sivey and DJ Mentat and guest verses from Bashy, Mike GLC, Smiler, Sincere, Mims and Deadly Hunta. Check out James Bond, Craziest Remix and Hard Way for some absolute quality on varying topics. Download The Warning now.

X-RoVision MixTape DVDJesse "X-Ro" Pinkney from LA is a visual documentor who has put together a 19 minute DVD mixtape type video on LA Underground Culture and has hit us off with the link.

Check the video which features segements and features from the likes of: Ras G, 2 B, Freddie Harris, Pac Div and SumKid as well a section from Chula Vista Skate Park.


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Download Tchad Unpoe's Album!
Download Tchad Unpoe's Album!

Not sure what the website is saying, or the MCs for that matter as this is all in French, but the be [ ... ]

Addicted To Music - 'Dave VJ'

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Shlomo Human Beatboxer Becomes Artist In Residence...
Shlomo Human Beatboxer Becomes Artist In Residence At Southbank Centre

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Simple Samples - Moonlight Vibes CD [Simple Sample...
Simple Samples - Moonlight Vibes CD [Simple Samples]

Moonlight Vibes is a diverse mix of Jazz infused Hip-Hop, mixed with a gritty northern sound and sou [ ... ]

WanDan Mixtape - ProTekShun Rack-iT
WanDan Mixtape - ProTekShun Rack-iT

WanDan is from Berkshire and has performed to crowds of upto 7000 people, as part of Jazz / Hip Hop  [ ... ]



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