Aaron LaCrate - Bodymore Murdaland - Photography DJ Tour And Exhibition

Aaron LaCrate, of Milkcrate Athletics fame was born and bred on the mean streets of East Baltimore. Aaron LaCrate grew up DJing parties in Baltimore clubs, lofts, and back yards at the young age of 10 years old Aaron has been running wild writing on walls and t-shirts, producing records, and documenting the Baltimore streets with his photographs.

Since the days of his youth Aaron LaCrate has been consistently original and garnered world wide recognition for his trademark brand and sound.

Whether it be his collaborations with Vans, Paris style emporium colette, Ed Banger Records + Justice + So-Me, designing custom cashmere for Lucien Pellat-finet, touring the world with Gutter Music, remixing and holding down the turntables for pals Mark Ronson, Dizzee Rascal and Lily Allen, Aaron LaCrate has constantly set trends and raised the bar for everything he touches – and very few can cross genres and design medium's as seamlessly as Aaron LaCrate cuts a record or drops a new classic Milkcrate Athletics collection.

Aaron LaCrate - Drug FreeMilkcrate Records' now classic B-more Gutter Music mix CD introduced Baltimore Club music, Spank Rock and Amanda Blank to the world gaining major media attention from Mtv, NME Much Music, BBC, i-D, Dazed and Confused, New York Times, Village Voice, HHC, Fader, Urb, The Observer, The Standard, Uncut, GQ, making Gutter Music the future sound of Baltimore.

Back again to change the game – Aaron LaCrate is releasing a exclusive collection of his never-seen-before Baltimore street photography, entitled Bodymore Murdaland. The collection provides the visual elements that accompany the Gutter sound – this collection explains the hard hitting beats and vocal insanity of the Baltimore sound visually. Aaron has been hitting the streets of his neighborhood on foot with a basic point and shoot camera for the past few years documenting his newest collection.

As a kid Aaron was surrounded by Baltimore at its worst – with most of his friends in and out of juvenile hall, destroying the city with graffiti, selling drugs, stealing anything they could get there hands on, and just raising hell – Aaron LaCrate had daily exposure to the street life gaining his reputation as the youngest respected graf writer and party dj the city has seen to date. His Milkcrate and Gutter brands are an expression of his love for all things street level including all his friends that lived the street life to the fullest.

Aaron's photos provide an uncompromising look at a city and people that has long since been forgotten about.  LaCrate says, "growing up Philadelphia and D.C hated on B-more, we were just too Gutter for them, funny how things change".  Aaron LaCrate's vision, artwork and music has shown the world that his hometown of Baltimore is the next creative hub of the world.

If the urban decay and chaos of the South Bronx in the 1980's gave birth to the worldwide phenomenon of Hip Hop, then Baltimore being #1 murder, #1 drugs, is definitely next up to bat. Look for the Milkcrate Books debut, Bodymore Murdaland for the collection of Aaron LaCrate's photography coming 2009.

Dates of exhibit:

  • May 1st – London Dazed gallery

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