Aersolik Records presents United We Stand

This album has been made because even in our current "democratic" society, racism is still rife… hate crimes are still committed and too many unnecessary deaths occur, whether from violent attacks or the inability of our government to treat people fairly and recognise that asylum is often essential.

Ignorance is a disease that needs to be cured – whether we choose to act directly, or support those that do, we push things forwards, with our attitudes, sensibilities and mind states: Respect. Pease. Love. Hope. Unity.

Aersolik Records presents United We StandUnited We Stand is a 41 track double compilation album which featuses some of the biggest names on these shores including DJ Mentat ft. Roots Manuva & Seanie T, Foreign Beggars, Life, Blade and the Aspects.

Other less known names including Hoodz Underground, the Menagerie, Digitek, Sonny Jim and the cohorts also get their chance to shine and deliver sterling work.

This is undoubtedly one of the most impressive compilations of UK material to date with such a stellar line up and so many original tracks only more impressive because it in aid of such a good cause.

Apparently there are only a few of these left, so you had better get in there quick.

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