After 21 years in the biz Alizé has established itself as the tongue satisfying liqueur on the street music scene. Now, for its 21st Birthday, Alizé will be doing it up big and giving everyone a chance to get involved in the celebrations.

The Alizé Remixed Tour will fizz open in Birmingham on April 24th at Custard Factory, then spread some love in Leeds, Manchester and Bristol with the sparkling finale in London town…

If that wasn't enough, along with MTV, Alizé is opening up the floor to find the mintest, freshest most solid DJ talent in the UK to join them on tour… The winners are battling for £1000 cash plus performing with some incredible legendary turntable ambassadors… including none other than Philly's own Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, and Galaxy's Steve Sutherland and Kiss FM's Shortee Blitz.
Alizé are asking any fresh folks who think they've got what it takes to create a 10 minute mix of their favourite party tracks from the past 21 years, and then upload them to the contest’s dedicated website – Mixes can include any number of tracks, from hip hop and soul to garage and reggae, so long as they make a banging party mix!

Jazzy Jeff

All mixes you submit will be judged by Alizé Remixed Ambassadors Steve Sutherland (Galaxy Radio) and Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM). The hottest DJs the judges pick will get to play at one gig each on the Alizé remixed tour…

If my words aren't enough… straight from the lips of Steve Sutherland, “Alizé Remixed is an opportunity for great up-and-coming DJs to experience something amazing – to show off their skills and star alongside legendary names like Jazzy Jeff. No egos allowed and good vibes are essential, so if you’ve got the tracks, we’ve got the stage”.

Shortee Blitz

And for all you ready to go Djs… here's a few tips from the man himself…
1) Vary up your tracks, don’t have all hip hop, or all 80s groove. Keep it interesting
2) Be creative. You don’t need to play the whole track, maybe just the best 16bars or the big hook
3) Don’t overuse scratching – we want to hear your selections, not your tricks
4) Choose your playlist carefully. You may love an obscure album track, but if the crowd doesn’t know it, you’ll kill the vibe…
5) …at the same time, don’t be scared to throw in a surprise to keep them on their toes!

Alizé is about atmosphere and style… So take note aspiring DJ's, "This isn’t a cutting and scratching contest, it’s about creating the ultimate vibe!". Get vibin, get bangin, get funkin and get ready to party!

By Nino

 Steve Sutherland

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