Alphonso Working With Hackney Homes
Has it crossed your mind lately that there‘s a lot of negativity surrounding black men in the UK? One person who is actively working to change this is the brainchild of Xclusive Entertainment, talented singer-song writer Alphonso Stewart. Alphonso actively works with young people in the Hackney community developing their artistic talents and giving them a platform to showcase their talent at live music event, Live Mic.

Alphonso is no stranger to the streets and the consequence of youth crime in the black community, his brother was killed – knifed to death at the age of 16. More recently, his cousin was shot and seriously wounded in Hackney. Growing up in a one parent family, living on a council estate, torn between the streets and trying to keep on the straight and narrow – he could so easy have been another statistic; committing robbery, in prison, a drug dealer or retaliating to the violence against his family.

No! He has defied the odds and used his talent in music to overcome the violence in his community. Dissimilar to the stereotypical rap and hip hop music glorifying crime and ‘repping ends’ [postcode wars], Alphonso reps lyrical content, flow and rhythm and giving black youth something positive to hold on to.

Xclusive Ents.Alphonso’s latest adventure is Live Mic Unity Challenge which will take place at Hackney Homes community fun day events. On the agenda this summer across Hackney’s estates Hackney Homes will host five fun days between July and August for all residents to come along with the whole family. Xclusive Entertainment has been commissioned to organize the community talent show with winners awarded prizes and a fashion show display from local fashion designers. There will also be a special performance by Alphonso.

Hackney Homes community fun days are guarantee to be fun, fun and more fun!

Alphonso at Live Mic

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