Apples And Snakes In Soho Featuring Ty

Ty is a name to conjure with. Nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2004. He's a tireless ambassador for UK Hip Hop. As well as being one of its harshest critics. But he's never forgotten his early days in London's spoken word workshops. And tonight – for one night only – he returns to his roots with a poetry gig. Just the man, his voice, and perhaps a few backing beats.

In support are two prime movers of the current hip-hop / poetry crossover: Ben Mellor is an environmentally-aware wordsmith from Manchester, fast becoming a respected name in hip-hop theatre, whilst MC Angel is a young spitter who honed her art in the UK'S first all-female MC battle, and courts acclaim and controversy wherever she goes. Check them out on Youtube.

Finally we introduce Michael Frearson, a poet with a rapper's poise, full of in-your-face anecdotes of lost love and, ahem, cheese. And the sizzling Saran Green – poetry's Ms charisma herself – will be our host for the evening.

Brought to you by top poetry promoters Apples & Snakes: it's all spoken word to us.

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