Arrested Development Live At The Barbican

A rare London appearance by this group, a real breath of fresh air in the hip-hop scene when they launched in the 1990s, now touring a new album. Arrested Development was founded by Speech and Headliner as a positive, politically-conscious alternative to gangsta rap. Their first album 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of (named after the time it took to get their first record deal) produced a series of hit tracks, including Tennessee and People Everyday.

After the group broke up due to ‘creative differences’ in 1996, Speech released a solo album; the group reunited in 2000 (without Headliner & Earle Taree) and have since enjoyed a new lease of musical life as one of the freshest and joyfully eccentric hip-hop acts on the scene.

With roots going all the way back to Africa and branches heading straight into the urban centres of American streets, Arrested Development is still a band with a message. ‘We get on stage every night as warriors of rhythm and story tellers of dignity!’, says Eshe, the band’s vocalist. Here to celebrate their new album, Strong, Arrested Development dare us not to be drawn into their world as they brew a potent concoction of funk, soul, jazz, folk and of course, hip hop.

Venue: Barbican Hall, Barbican Centre, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS
Date: Wednesday 13th October 7.30pm
Tickets: £13.50, £18.00, £22.50
Box Office: 0845 120 7550

Arrested Development Live At The Barbican

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