Arrested Development - Since The Last Time

Arrested Development are back and one thing really has remained the same since the last time: their songs bring a lot of positive vibes to the Hip Hop community and do not proclaim power and money are the most important things in life as in almost all other Hip Hop albums.

But there’s a little ironic “dissing culture” which gets through in “Since The Last Time”. In the song “Miracles”, the musicians and dancers from Tennessee lay into the inane whims of some of the Hip Hop scene with lyrics like “We’re smarter than this and we can come harder than this, and do a brag rap on the next song on the disc”.

Arrested Development - Since The Last TimeSpeech is still as unwilling to accept the situation, then as now: “We have a mission to extend the rules of Hip Hop and inspire people to grow out of all the bullshit in today’s Hip Hop”.

With “Since The Last Time”, Arrested Development has now sealed their return to the scene. Relaxed grooves and good-vibe songs provide the perfect soundtrack for the summer.

A.D.’s debut album “3 years, 5 months and 2 days in the life of…” referred to the amount of time passed between the formation of the group and the signing of their first record deal. It sold 5 million copies worldwide and went Platinum 5 times. The band won a GRAMMY for best new artist in 1993 and their album ‘A.D. Unplugged’ sold 500,000 copies, and premiered their performance on MTV in 1994. 

Arrested Development - Since The Last Time

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