Bacardi B-Live in association with Electricity are bringing a hot bed of contemporary music that will alight the clubbing masses of Birmingham this month. The Custard Factory, one of the Midlands’ legendary clubs will see Australian drum and bass legends Pendulum on the B-Live decks alongside some of the world’s hottest DJs for 10 hours of musical mish-mash break beat bliss.

Bacardi B-Live and Urban Music Award winning BBE have teamed up to celebrate 11 years as the UK’s premiere independent label. With four unique rooms celebrating the Kings of Hip-Hop, House, Soul and Disco, they’re supplying a dose of clubbing music for everybody’s style. From the master of the Boom Bap DJ Premier to Dimitri from Paris and Joey Negro’s history of disco, BBE 11 promises to leave a lasting imprint in Canvas’ clubbers minds.

Legendary producer DJ Premier will be wearing the crown as king of the Hip-Hop room. The beats maverick has impressed the A-Z of US Hip-Hop, from Biggie Smalls to Eminem and Mary J Blige with his phenomenal style. Joining him from New York will be sample-king and one of DJ Premier’s influencers and hip hop originator Marley Marl, who will be dropping the beats to bring some serious street style, whilst Spin Doctor and Mr Thing will be flying the flag and representing the UK.

DJ Premier

Grammy Award winner and B-Live regular Louie Vega is as famous for re-inventing himself as he is for breaking down musical boundaries as one half of Masters At Work. Fusing categories previously untouched, the emphasis will be on a stellar performance as he works all four turntables, managing the dance floor like a puppet master! Osunlade will be breaking out from retirement especially to play deep house to dedicated fans of house music. Also lined up is BBE head honcho and spine tingling sensation Peter Adarkwah.

Gilles Petersons’ passion for jazz dance explodes into soul as he performs in the Kings of Soul Room. Renowned for his Cargo residency, acid jazz days and BBC Radio1 show the world-wide appreciated DJ will be showing his soulful side to the crowd. Kon & Amir will be flipping their vinyl knowledge when they land from Brooklyn, making their debut under the B-Live banner whilst regular Phil Asher provides a history lesson in 70s and 80s Soul & Boogie.

Giles Peterson

The Kings Of Disco will showcase Dimitri from Paris & Joey Negro’s classic disco beats with an eye-watering collection of sounds and knowledge of music that will leave any disco lover gobsmacked by the new tunes and reinvented classics leaving the dance floor unstoppably moving, as these two heavyweights go back to back then head to head.

Bacardi B-Lives BBE 11 promises to showcase a room to leave every clubbers feet stomping, pleasing fans of genre crossing serious dance music. Appreciation of artists that have defined dance music history is sure to leave fans worshipping the speakers until 5am.

Bacardi B-Live is synonymous with outstanding dance parties, blending an exceptional mix of renowned international DJ’s, acclaimed percussionists and unique Bacardi Rum cocktails.

  • BBE ELEVEN, Canvas, London December 1st, 9pm-5am
    with DJ Premier, Louie Vega, Gilles Peterson, and many, many more…
  • For more information on Bacardi B-Live events go to

Louie Vega

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