Bacardi B-Live Presents La Fiesta

Set to be one of the most exciting London events of the year, Bacardi B-Live presents "La Fiesta". Combining the UK’s finest dance acts with delicious cocktails and fantastic production, Bacardi is taking over seOne London and transforming it into a street festival on Thursday 4th September.

Hosting parties for as long as the brand has existed, Bacardi invites London’s spirited clubbers to mix it up with the best music.

With this one, it’s just a case of trying to win free tickets on the website. I have a friend that applied and won 2 tickets for themselves. Apparently the tickets get sent to your house and it’s as easy as that!

There are a shed load of decent DJ’s at this one and the whole of the venue is going to be done out in a Spanish theme. For those of you that haven’t been to seOne… it’s absolutely massive and really shouldn’t be missed. Definitely one to turn up to work looking rough and trying to get away with vacantly staring at the wall. All you have to do is make it to the end of the day and… shazam! Its Friday night and you can do it all over again.
Guests include:

  • DJ Yoda
  • Beardyman LIVE
  • Evil Nine
  • Filthy Dukes
  • Krafty Kuts
  • DJ Food
  • Jazz Bomb LIVE
  • Guilty Pleasures

By: Kris Drew

For the opportunity to gain free access and join the party, check out:


DJ Yoda

Evil Nine

Filthy Dukes

Krafty Kuts

Strictly Kev (DJ Food)

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