Baggy Flag Records - Hip-Hoperation

OK people, we have to let you know about the new UK based Baggy Flag Records who are about set to drop their tremendous and highly anticipated mixtape Hip-Hoperations. They have a page up on myspace where you can check out four def tracks which just show the quality and diversity of the music available.

Baggy Flag Records - Hip-HoperationThere is an upbeat frenetic track – Sneaky which has a bit of a UMCs vibe with the trumpet and double bass as well as a great sample for the chorus and of course a humerous story line. Raw typical Hip Hop with some interesting sampling and on point cutting is provided on They Didn’t Know and deep lyrics are abundant on Disaster Strikes. These taster tracks have tight rhymes and fat beats and certainly whet you appetite for more and leave you expectant. Pure fire.

With all the names on the tape you can expect it to be super obese as well. Featured artists include: Wordsmith, Suparnovar, HP, Dr Syntax, Koaste, Sneak and of course Digit, Tubz, Parody, Tomberculosis all from Baggy Flag Records. Make sure you seek it out.

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