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Fresh off the October release of Junk Science's "Gran'dad's Nerve Tonic", Embedded Music and Definitive Jux present Baje One's "The Weightless EP". The six track solo effort will be distributed digitally, and will be available for FREE download via

"I'm tired of charging for everything. I like the idea of giving something away once in a while", says Baje One, "if only to give back to everyone who's supported us up to this point". Indeed, the EP promises to be the first in a series of free music from Nuclear Family, the collective that spawned subgroups Junk Science and Iller Than Theirs, among others.

'Weightless' shows a slightly more serious, contemplative side of Baje. "It's a handful of songs that I wrote right after we finished the Junk album. So I guess some of them are ideas that wouldn't necessarily make sense in that context. It's more about where I'm at than where me and Snafu can meet in the middle".

For 'Weightless' Baje enlisted production from fellow Nuclear Fam members J. Howells Werthman and Scott Thorough, but he also stepped outside of the crew for tracks from Therapy (The Smile Rays, The AB's) and Willie Evans Jr. (The AB's). The EP also features strong performances from several guest emcees from Baje's extended music family in NYC. The title track features Mercury (The Dugout), and 'Computer Rock' features verses from King Gutta I (The Project) and Starpower (The Dugout).

Complete production info is zipped in with the music.

You can get it here for free:

The Weightless EP Track List:

1. Pan In A Flash (prod. by Therapy)
2. Weightless (feat. Mercury, prod. by J. Howells Werthman)
3. Computer Rock (feat. King Gutta & Starpower, prod. by Scott Thorough)
4. Lovely Days (prod. by Willie Evans Jr.)
5. I (no) O U (prod. by J. Howells Werthman)
6. Mission Statement (prod. by J. Howells Werthman)

Baje One

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