BBC Radio 1 Revamps Evening Schedule

BBC Radio 1 has just announced a series of changes to the station’s evening schedule. The moves see brand new talent to Radio 1, Kissy Sell Out and Kutski promoted to their own regular shows and 1Xtra’s MistaJam joining the station, in addition to his 1Xtra show. The new schedule will come into effect in October.

The headlines in full are:

  • Kissy Sell Out (“jump up rock n rave”) to host Thursday nights midnight-2am
  • Kutski (“hard dance and hardcore”) to host Friday nights1am-3am. Judge Jules will move to the 11pm-1am slot on Friday nights.
  • MistaJam to host the new 1Xtra Mixtape show Saturday nights 3am-5am, shining a light on a wide range of black music genres
  • Heidi Van den Amstel  (“techno”) and Jaymo & Andy George  (“electro mash up”) join the rotating In New DJs We Trust line up (Thursday night 2am-4am).

In further news, Tim Westwood’s Saturday show will be extended by one hour (9pm-1am) and include reggae dancehall DJ Goldfinger.

Dave Pearce and Eddie Halliwell will leave the station in October. Dave has been with Radio 1 since 1995 and Eddie since 2006. Both Dave and Eddie will continue with their successful international club careers.

Kissy Sell Out said, “I've been teased most of my life for dressing differently and listening to strange records so when I was first signed by Radio 1 for a monthly slot I decided that I would work as hard as I could to transform those precious two hours into my own personal magical mystery tour of alternative dance music, a seamlessly mixed adventure to celebrate eclecticism, and where the music wasn't exclusively new or old, signed or unsigned but just good and daring to be different. Now I have been offered a more regular slot on the station I've listened to ever since I was a tot, I feel hugely privileged to be part of such a prestigious team and grateful to Radio 1 for having faith in me. It still seems crazy to me that a misfit musician like me who you would be more likely to catch moshing on the front row of an indie gig would get such a massive opportunity, but I promise to keep doing the best job I can and always going that extra yard to make each show better than the last one!”

Kutski said, “Being part of The Residency show and In New DJs We Trust has been amazing, and something I’d never had dreamed of, so to now have my own weekly show at such a prestigious time slot really is mind blowing!! That being said, I feel the music I will cover on the show warrants this new exposure, and is yet another example Radio 1's commitment to cutting edge music. It's an honour to be chosen as the person to represent the scene and I'm really excited about bringing the music to the people that live for it, as well as educating, entertaining and winning over people that are not so familiar with harder dance music!!!"

MistaJam said, “It’s an honour to be given the opportunity to work at the main radio station that I’ve grown up listening to! In today’s climate of the likes of Estelle, Dizzee Rascal and Wiley taking over the national charts I look forward to representing what I do on my daily 1Xtra show and bringing the heaviest and freshest in black music to Radio 1 on a Saturday night. Each week I will be in the mix for an hour with some of the biggest tunes from my 1Xtra show, we’ll feature an hour long guest mix from some of the black music scenes current hottest deejays which will aim to do for black music deejays what the Essential Mix has done and continues to do for dance deejays. Occasionally we’ll throw in a classic old school mixtape for good measure but overall it will be the biggest urban mix-CD not available to buy in any shops!”


Jaymo & Andy George said, "We're totally blown away about getting the show! We spend all our time making, looking for and listening to new music. Now we have the perfect way to share the best bits with the world via Radio 1! It doesn't get any better that this!!"

Heidi Van den Amstel said, “I’m extremely happy and excited to be joining the Radio 1 team. This is an amazing opportunity and I hope the listeners will enjoy my selection of music as much as I do. Being able to bridge the gap between great music and people who deserve to hear it makes me a very happy woman. Thank you so much”

Eddie Halliwell said, “With these new changes, I have decided to take this opportunity to move on from my weekly commitment at Radio 1, allowing me time to work on other projects that have been put on hold due to my current schedule. I'd like to thank everyone for my time here at the station and it has been a pleasure working with everyone. Fire It Up!”

Dave Pearce said, “It's been an incredible 13 years at Radio 1, of all the shows I've presented Dance Anthems is the one I'm most proud of creating and I am delighted that even in our recent late night slot we increased audience. It's time to move on but I have some exciting new radio projects to come. I would like to thank the teams who have worked with me over the years for making it such fun."

Ben Cooper, Head of Programmes Radio 1 said, “Radio 1 is here to champion the very best in new music and new DJ talent and I believe that these schedule changes mean we can continue to do this even more effectively. Kissy, Kutski and MistaJam are DJs who are completely passionate about the music they play and the audience they play to. I'm really happy that they will now all have their own regular shows. Our newest recruits Heidi Van den Amstel, Jaymo and Andy George are a fantastic addition to the In New DJs We Trust line-up. I'd also like to thank both Dave and Eddie for their commitment to Radio 1 and wish them all the very best for the future"


  • Kutski and Kissy Sell Out are promoted from the In New DJs We Trust show. The show champions the most important new dance music genres, whilst also giving emerging talent their first chance to broadcast on national radio. Nerm and D-Code and Dave Spoon continue in this slot.
  • MistaJam presents his show on 1Xtra Monday-Friday 7pm-10pm
  • Jaymo & Andy George were spotted by Radio 1 when they took part in the Essential Mix Introducing tour

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