BBC Three - Coming Of Age Needs You

BBC Current Affairs are working on a series for BBC Three called Coming of Age (working title). The programme is a documentary looking at young people’s attitutudes towards sex. The researchers are interested in tackling the subject of how changes in modern technology (for instance mobile phones and the internet) are influencing personal relationships and ideas about sex amongst teenagers.

They also want to address what teenagers think about sex education in schools and how they may be using the internet to fill any gaps in their knowledge. If you’re 17 or under the BBC would like to hear from you.

  • Do you or your mates look at porn? Do you watch DVDs or read porn magazines? Do you look at it on the internet?

  • Is it a regular thing for you and your mates to do, or does the amount of time you spend looking at porn bother you?

  • Do you use webcams and social networking websites to hook-up with other teenagers?

  • Do you use mobile phones to watch/swap porn?

  • Have you been bullied by someone using sexually explicit picture messaging?

The BBC team are eager to find out what you think and would like to talk to you if you have been affected by any of these issues.

If you would like to talk to the BBC you can email them in confidence at or call 0208 752 7118 for a confidential chat. You don’t have to tell them your name.

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