BEN TV To Premiere Hip Hop Opera Film

BEN Television (Sky 194), the first black ethnic satellite channel broadcasting in London to Europe, North and West Africa will be screening a film called 'Hip Hop Opera' on Easter Saturday March 22nd at 9pm to support the Don't Trigger Campaign.

Hip Hop Opera is a 90 minute film by Urban Concept for the Don't Trigger Campaign, which is a nationwide anti gun crime campaign featuring talented actors. The film is a fusion of docu-film, music videos and contributions from family of the victims across the UK who lost children to gun and knife crime.

Home Office minister Vernon Coaker said, 'incidents involving guns, gangs and knives in Britain, our inner-cities or anywhere else are an outrage and a tragedy, particularly for those personally involved. They're of huge concern to me personally, to my colleagues in government and to families and individuals across the country'.

'But government alone can't solve the problem. We need to work in partnership with police, communities and young people themselves'.

The film is supported by Families For Peace, MAMA, Mothers Against Violence, Mothers Against Guns Nationwide and Amnesty International.

By: Michelle Adabra

BEN TV To Premiere Hip Hop Opera Film

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