Big Mike 'Borrows' Lil Wayne Verse From UK's Dap C

Rising star, Dap-C, hailing from Newcastle, England was poised to take over the UK's Hip Hop scene, as well as make a splash further a field, with his track "Ma Money". The track which features Lil Wayne, Talib Kweli and Royce da 5'9" is produced by London's Quincey Tones (eMC, Little Brother, Ras Kass, Royce da 5'9" and more).

With Wayne's verse signed, sealed and delivered, Dap was content with the track – that was until Wayne's acapella made its way into the wrong hands.  Notorious mixtape DJ Big Mike took it upon himself to use the verse from Lil Wayne on his up and coming mixtape – on a different beat, and not featuring Dap-C.
Dap laments, "It's bad enough when an artists music leaks, but at least it's the finished product. When an acapella of the biggest featured artist leaks on its own and on a different beat, that's foul. Especially when it's not label money, that's 'Ma Money.' Mixtape DJs need to be responsible with what they release, I mean, look at The Empire!" At press time Big Mike has yet to respond to emails and calls from the UK rapper and his team and how the verse came into Mike's possession has yet to be determined.
Coveted UK producer Quincey Tones discussed how the line-up for the track came about; "We had this transatlantic link-up – some sort of musical diplomacy. When I realised we had Wayne, who's from the home of jazz, a genre that has had a massive influence on Hip-Hop, I reached out to Royce, the illest from the home of Motown; a label that has had a massive influence on Hip Hop as well. So it was only right I brought it full circle and hollered at the dopest MC from its birthplace – Talib Kweli".

The official version of Dap-C's Ma Money Featuring Lil Wayne, Talib Kweli and Royce Da 5'9 produced by Quincey Tones will be hitting the net in the coming days.
In other news, Quincey Tones recently entered an endorsement deal with Red Monkey jeans – the elite denim brand that supplied Jay-Z with his "Heart of The City Tour" exclusive denims. Quincey also had three of the best-received tracks on the recent eMC album, and is working on his own debut album. Still in the early stages of recording, it already features some of the most revered names in Hip Hop.

Dap C - Ma Money

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